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Overview of Members Account Status Page

An update was recently introduced that gave members more control over their own information and invoices, hopefully reducing the workload for administrators.

Outstanding Payments

If a member has any outstanding payments (payments that are "pending" on an invoice), they will be visible right on their main Account Status page (this page loads first when they log in):


Completing Cheque Payments

When a member completes the checkout process to register for a program, if they chose to pay in person by cheque, it will appear here as a pending cheque payment. It won’t be cleared as an overdue payment from their member page until an Administrator opens the invoice and changes the status of the cheque payment from “Pending” to “Paid”:



Paying by Credit Card

If the member chose to pay by credit card, but maybe the payment was declined, or if an administrator manually adds a credit card payment to an invoice without entering credit card details, it will appear in the member’s account under "Credit Card Payments awaiting details". Members can click the edit icon () and enter their credit card details to complete the transaction directly from their Account Status page.


Changing Payment Type

If a member chooses to pay in person, but change their mind and want to pay by credit card instead, the member can just click Edit ​​ beside the pending cheque payment and change the payment method to credit card. They can then enter their credit card details and complete the transaction themselves:



Upcoming Payments

If a member has chosen to pay by installments, the scheduled payments will appear in their account here. Also if an administrator adds a payment to an invoice manually and chooses a future transaction date, it will appear here on their account.


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