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How Should I Setup My Categories, Category Levels and Programs?


Uplifter can be customized in a great number of ways. However, many Skate Canada Clubs will end up setting up Uplifter in very similar manners, to take advantage of a key functionality, unique to skating clubs. Keep in mind that the information below, is provided as a guideline and you may choose to setup Uplifter to suit your own club's specific needs.

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Typically, skating clubs will setup their Categories in accordance to the various programs offered by Skate Canada. Depending on what the a club can offer, clubs will likely have these Categories set up:

  • CanSkate - Learn To Skate
  • CanPower
  • STARSkate
  • Competitive Skate
  • Adult Skate
  • Synchro Skate

Initial Category Level Requirements

Typically, when first setting up your Uplifter site, you might add Age Requirements to your Category Levels, but you would skip the prerequisite Requirements. This makes initial registration much easier by not having to immediately add Achievements to everyone who signs up, to allow them to register in programs. You should look towards adding Requirements to the Category Levels for subsequent seasons to take advantage of the automation of the system and prevent people who don't qualify, from accidentally registering.


Example Categories and Category Levels


Your CanSkate Category Levels would likely be your CanSkate 1 through 6 badges and might be setup like this:

Note that you can setup any particular CanSkate level to require either the previous level (eg, CanSkate 2 requires the completion of CanSkate 1) OR the completion of all the previous levels' CanSkate Ribbons. This allows you, as a club, to mark a skater as having Completed a Category Level to advance them to the next - instead of actually providing them with the achievement (ie, perhaps during an assessment day or because a skater came from a different club). 

Also note that, when setting up your CanSkate Category, you'll likely want to select "Group Program Listings by Category" to group all the category levels into one sub group, for ease of navigation, as members will likely be signing up for a "CanSkate" program and not specifically for a CanSkate 3 program.



Your STARSkate Category Levels, however, might have a much more complicated set of Requirements, like this:

Note that, in the above example, in order to skate at STARSkate B, the skater must either have completed STARSkate A OR have completed all their preliminary dances and at least 2 of their Preliminary Skills or Free Skate tests (part 1 or 2). For a skater to skate in STARSkate C they must have either completed STARSkate B OR have completed at least 2 of all their Junior Bronze dances, a combination of their Junior Bronze Skills plus 1 part of their Free Skate Or at least one of their Senior Bronze Skills or Free Skate. As you can see, you can setup your Category levels to suit the needs of the skating skills and demographics of your club.

Achievements can either be a Skate Canada test or even an Achievement you create at your club like "Invited to Competitive Team" to prevent skaters from registering for Competitive Only programs.



Programs are your inventory. They are attached to a specific time on your schedule and have a specific price attached to them. Additionally, this is where you determine your minimum/maximum registrations and waitlist participants. Typically, most clubs can take their ice schedule and translate each of those sessions of ice into a program and attach a price to each scheduled session.

For a summer camp, for example, the set up would likely just be a week of camp.

For a regular season session, it would likely be an hour of ice that runs on a weekly basis (eg, every Monday from 3:30 - 4:30).

Participants are allowed to register for multiple programs on an a-la-carte basis. If you have a particular program (eg, maybe an elite competitive or an academy program) that has mandatory multiple sessions per week (eg Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:30 - you must attend all for a single price), you could create that as a single program and setup a custom schedule accordingly.

For more information on how to create/edit programs, see our Programs article.


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