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Using Program Based Requirements to Your Advantage


This article details how to utilize program level permissions effectively. It analyzes step by step creation of two primary examples: Invite Only programs, and Grouped Programs. Each example has its own variation: Early Access, and Pick Your Own respectively. 


Invite Only & Early Access

Invite Only restrictions rely on creating Participant Values and setting this to be a requirement for the Program. Early Access restrictions are similar except that you would remove the restriction once the promotion expires.

Create a Participant Value

In order to make a program exclusive, you first have to create a Participant Value to discern access by. You will want to make this Participant Value completely inaccessible to anyone other than admins. To do so, your settings would be as demonstrated below. For more information on how to create a Participant Value, please see our guide: Custom Fields. Please Note: You may want to customize the name of your Participant Value. Depending on how many programs you are offering early/exclusive access to it may be necessary to have more than one value (or even one for each program).


Add a Requirement to Your Program

Once you have a Participant Value created you can then create a requirement to associated with it. To ensure that the Participant Value is required, set your requirements as demonstrated below. For more information on how to add/edit Program Requirements please see our guide: STEP SIX: Create Programs.


Your Requirement Group will be set up as such. Note you can only do so after you have added the requirement.


Your Requirement should be set to require a value within your created Participant Value.


Once completed, your requirement should look as such:


Apply a Value to Your Desired Participants

The final setup step is to add a value to your desired Participants. To do so navigate to the participants profile and enter any numerical value to the field. You must do this for each of the participants that you wish to invite/allow to the program. Be sure to save the profile after changing the value. To remove the participant from access, simply remove the value to leave the field blank and save the profile.


Invite Your Participants

Once your setup is complete you can alert/invite your desired Participants. Those who do not have a value saved in their Participant Value will be unable to add the program(s) to their shopping cart. The system will alert them of this by populating this error message:


Remove The Restrictions

Finally, once you are done with any restrictions to the program, you can remove them by editing the Program Requirements and removing the Participant Value. If you plan on reusing the Participant Value  that you created (rather than creating a new one) be sure to clear the value from the Participant Profiles. You can use the "Participants" report to make this easier.


Early Access Alternative

As an alternative to checking against a Participant Value for your Early Access programs you could instead check against a previous registration (or a previous year's Skate Canada fee). This is great for offering early access to those who have been involved with previous years within your club. Keep in mind, however, your previous season would have to have been processed through Uplifter for this method to be functional. 


Grouped Programs

Grouped Programs restrictions rely on applying requirements to programs for each of the involved programs.

Create Your Programs

While the end result of this process will link programs together, it is still required that you create each individual program. For more information on how to create programs, please see our guide: STEP SIX: Create Programs.


Add Your Requirements

Basic grouping (A requires B & C, B requires A & C, and C requires A & B) is quite simple to establish. Similar to step two of the Invite Only/Early Access setup, grouping depends on requirements. With each involved program you must add each other program in the group as a requirement. So A would require B & C, B would require A & C, and C would require A & B. For more information on how to add requirements please see our guide STEP SIX: Create Programs.


You will want to set your Requirement group to Prevent Checkout unless All of your requirements are met. 


In order to ensure that each skater is registering for the required programs, you will want to set each Requirement to Participant Product, adding each Program individually. 


Your programs will each have their Requirements displayed at the bottom of the Program edit page. While it will only show the SKU's it will look similar to this:



Once this setup is complete those registering for one of the programs will be required by the system to register for the others. The checkout error message will be as such.


Grouped Pick-Your-Own

One of the major variants on the grouped programs is the Pick-Your-Own option. This options is set up exactly as the grouped option above, however instead of making all programs a requirement in the Requirement Group you would instead mark the minimum number of programs required to fulfill the program requirements. To reiterate, were you to have 5 programs to choose from, but participants only required 3 to be able to continue with checking out, you would set your Requirement Group to "3 of".

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