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Gymnastics British Columbia



Uplifter's participant database is directly connected with Gymnastics British Columbia gymnast database. With this connection we can offer our Gymnastics BC affiliated clubs the ability to quickly and easily submit gymnasts to Gymnastics BC for membership submissions.

Please note, these tool are under development. Please refer back to this article or reach out to for information about new features as they become available.


Getting Your Club Ready

In order to connected with the Gymnastics BC database you will want to ensure you have the core elements on your site setup.

Verify Your Club Is Connected

To begin, you will want to verify that your club is connected to the Gymnastics BC League Connector. This can be done by selecting to create/edit a subscriptions in your system. When doing so, you should see a Gymnastics BC Lookup Options section.


If you do not see this, please contact us here at


Understanding Weight

Within Uplifter "weight" is the scale used to determine a membership's importance. The higher the weight the more important the membership is. Weight is applied by selecting options from the Discipline, Level, and Role drop downs. You can make these selections when creating a subscription

Weight-Based Price Reductions

When participant purchases lead them to receiving more than one membership type it is possible that the system will handle the cost adjustments on your behalf. For instance, if both memberships are purchased at the same time, the membership with a lower weight will be reduced to $0. Similarly, if a membership of higher weight is purchased first, then later a membership with a lower weight is purchased on a different invoice, the lower weight membership will be reduced to $0.


Gymnastics BC Fees

With each new Gymnastics BC season (September 1st - August 30th) you will want to ensure your club has a new Gymnastics BC fee ready and available to attach to invoices. The number of Gymnastics BC fees you create may vary based on the type of memberships you offer. However, most clubs will only create one or two fees per year. More information on best practices when creating multiple fees can be found in the Multiple Fees Per Year section, below.

Create Your GBC Fee

  1. Navigate to Products & Programs > Products & Subscriptions
  2. Select Add-L.gif Add new from the toolbar
  3. Enter your product settings
  4. Select to make your product a subscription
  5. Select a Gymnastics BC season for duration and the desired season
  6. Use the Discipline, Level, Sub-Level, and Role drop downs to assign your membership type
  7. Select Save
You can expedite your membership upload process by setting your membership SKUs to emulate GBC's SKUs. Ex. Offering a recreational membership in 2019? Set your SKU to 2019-REC-ATHLETE.
To create your newest (or first) Gymnastics BC fee please navigate to Products & Programs > Products & Subscriptions. Select Add-L.gif Add New from the page's toolbar. Your Gymnastics BC fee is set up like any other subscription (see: Products, Tickets & Subscriptions) with a few specific requirements:
  • Each Gymnastics BC subscription/membership fee should be set to Mandatory.
  • Each Gymnastics BC subscription/membership fee should use the Gymnastics BC Season option from the Duration of Subscription drop down.
  • Each Gymnastics BC subscription/membership fee should be set to Apply To "Participant", under Product Information.
  • Each Gymnastics BC subscription/membership fee should have no filters applied in the Tag Filters section unless otherwise required (see: Multiple Fees Per Year)


Each membership you create within a single GBC season should have a unique selection from the Discipline, Level, and Role drop downs. This selection dictates what type of membership you are offering and, eventually, submitting to GBC.

For instance, you may offer a Recreational Athlete membership. In that instance, you would need to select Level: Recreational and Role: Athlete. Note that Discipline was not selected in this example. This is because this example membership applies to all of my recreational participants. However, if I had different costs for my General vs Rhythmic, for instance, I could then use the Discipline drop down to differentiate.

You only need to get as specific as your memberships dictate.

Help! The New Season Isn't Listed!

We pull our season list directly from Gymnastics BC's database. Because of this, there may be instances where you wish to create your upcoming season's Gymnastics BC fee but the season does not populate in the list of options. In this instance you will want to use the Effective Start and End date options, running from September 1st to August 31st (of the applicable years). Then, be sure to check back as the season approaches. Once the season populates you can clear the Effective Start and End date options and select the Gymnastics BC Season drop down option. This will affect your subscription purchases retroactively.

GBC Fees & Discounts

By default products, tickets, and subscriptions are not aligned/associated with any of your club's seasons. As such, clubs that plan to offer seasonal discounts involving their GBC Fee(s) should be mindful of the "This product may have season discounts or will be used to buyout volunteer credits." option on products, tickets, and subscriptions. Found at the top of the Product Information section you can toggle this setting and select which season the GBC Fee should be affiliated with. This is an important step for seasonal discounts.


Note that you should not update/change the selected year after sales of your fee have begun. For best results you will want to set your assigned season to any of your first seasons of the year. For clubs who offer camps, you should assign your GBC fees to align with the camp season you create.

It is okay that your GBC fee(s) should apply for other seasons, the "This product may have season discounts or will be used to buyout volunteer credits." setting does not affect how it will apply to invoices - only how it will be considered for discounting purposes.

Multiple Fees Per Year

Some clubs, depending on the membership types they offer, will need multiple Gymnastics BC fees per year. This is most often done when clubs offer an array of membership types like Recreational, Competitive, etc.

This can also be a solution for clubs who have differing costs for varying circumstances. For instance, if your Competitive program costs include the GBC fee already whereas your Recreational program costs do not. In these instances, there are two main factors you will need to ensure:

  1. There are no circumstances where a participant can register and not receive a Gymnastics BC fee (if they should receive one).
  2. There are no circumstances where a participant can qualify for two Gymnastics BC fees at the same time.

When creating two separate fees you will want to use the Link To tool under Registration Checkout Filters section to apply filters to the subscription. Using these filters you can split your fees by, say, Category:


In this way, you can then set one Gymnastics BC fee to be $0 and another to be $35, for instance. Please note, though, that the system will automatically account for other memberships. It will do so by considering the Weight of the membership. Please see below for further information.

Membership Weight

In order to capture the requirements of Gymnastics BC's unique "most expensive only" membership costs, we have introduced the concept of "weight". When creating your Gymnastics BC membership fee you will notice that each drop down option as a weight noted beside it.


Each membership that you create should have a unique selection of Discipline, Level, and Role. This selection will generate a weight. For instance, if I had a "--, Recreational, Athlete, Recreational: Annual Athlete" membership it would have a weight of 6. Additionally, I may have a "--, National/MAG Elite, Athlete, MAG: Elite: 3" membership with a weight of 9.



When a membership of a greater weight has already been purchased, any further memberships (though applicable and added to the invoice) will be reduced to $0.

For example, if I were to register as a competitive athlete I would have the competitive athlete membership (at a weight of 10) added to my invoice at full cost. Later, I decide I would also like to join your club as a recreational athlete and join one of your rec programs. I would see the Recreational Athlete membership added to my invoice, but since it's weight is less than my previous membership (6 vs 10) I would see the Recreational membership reduced to $0 automatically.


Gymnastics BC Memberships

Now that you have at least one Gymnastics BC membership ready and available for purchase it will begin to apply to participant's invoices. Once a participant purchases a Gymnastics BC fee from your club they can be submitted to Gymnastics BC.

Submitting Your Memberships to Gymnastics BC

Be sure to keep an eye out for our future releases that make this process even easier!
  1. Navigate to GBC's Membership Registration section and review the process as well as the SKUs of the memberships you offer.
  2. Log into your Uplifter site and navigate to People & Accounts > Gymnastics BC Submissions
  3. Filter the list of submissions as desired so as to focus on only those athletes you wish to submit presently.
  4. Review the memberships you have set to be submitted ensuring the membership types (Discipline, Level, Sub-Level, and Role) are correct.
  5. Click Export Submissions to download the submission results.
  6. Navigate to GBC's Uploading The Template section to begin submitting your spreadsheet to Gymnastics BC.

Submitting your memberships to Gymnastics BC will involve filtering and carefully reviewing your membership submissions. Once content, a report can be downloaded for uploading purposes to Gymnastics BC. Many of the required steps are diligently outlined by Gymnastics BC on their Membership Registration page.


Gymnastics BC Membership Troubleshooting

Uplifter will do its best to synchronize the memberships listed on your site as compared to that of Gymnastics BC. However, there are instances circumstances where we may not be able to do so. If you have memberships listed on your site that should have been resolved after a submission to Gymnastics BC please be sure to check the following.

Participant Details Differ

Uplifter matches your athletes by First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdate, and Postal Code. If too many of these items vary from Gymnastics BC's participant instance then a match cannot be made. To verify, open your participant's profile via People & Accounts > Participants > select participant. You can then log into Gymnastics BC's registration site and navigate to My Account > Participants. Here, filter to find the same participant and compare the above-mentioned fields.

To resolve this issue please verify the correct data with the member/participant. Once obtained/verified, you can either update your Uplifter participant listing information or contact Gymnastics BC to have them update the information accordingly. Thereafter you will be able to match your athlete.

Membership Details Differ

The membership details that you have within your Uplifter system may not be the same as those within the Gymnastics BC system. For example, if you sell a membership that is set to submit athletes with an "Annual Artistic General Recreational Athlete" membership, but you update a participant's membership to "WAG National HP Junior Athlete" (between pulling the report from your Uplifter system and submitting it to Gymnastics BC). In this case the system will not see these as the same membership and will still prompt you to submit your "Annual Artistic General Recreational Athlete" membership for this athlete.

To resolve this issue please update the membership listing on your site to align with the membership submitted to Gymnastics BC. If both memberships are applicable you will want to create a new invoice for the participant to sell them the secondary membership and submit that to Gymnastics BC as well.

Multiple Club Under One Roof

Organizations that run multiple clubs under one roof/banner may run into some confusion when submitting athletes. This is mainly encountered when collecting costs/selling memberships through one club, then submitting them to Gymnastics BC through another club. In cases like this your Memberships page will show errors indicating that another club has submitted these athletes.

Tools to resolve this issue are on their way!


Camps and Competition Setups

Special builds like camps and competitions can be created within the Uplifter system in a multitude of ways. Our article Special Builds runs through the setup of these types of requirements. Of course, they are only suggestions and you may wish to pursue other options. You are always welcome to reach out to for assistance in reviewing alternative setups.


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