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Uplifter Lite Software Guide

If you have signed up for a free Uplifter Lite Software Account, then you now have a powerful, beautiful, and simple way to collect credit card payments online from your customers.

This article will provide you with tips to unlocking our software’s full potential for streamlining operations and increasing revenues for your organization.

Getting Started with Uplifter Lite

Once you’ve signed up for your free Uplifter Lite Software Account, we’ll automatically create an online payments webpage for you. Using this stand-alone webpage, you can start accepting credit card payments for class or course registrations, products, and facility bookings.

But first, you’ll need to setup your Uplifter Lite system following the prompts on your Administration Dashboard. If you are unsure about how to access your administration dashboard, please contact us at

Tips to Make the Most of Your Lite Software!

  1. Share the Work and Responsibility: If desired, enlist a fellow administrator or two to help setup your system and manage it over time. Having trusted individuals who know how to use your Uplifter Lite system can be extremely helpful in the long-run.

  2. Add Custom Fields to Participant Profiles: Everyone that buys one of your products or registers for one of your classes can quickly create a participant profile. You can customize the information you collect on participant profiles, including adding any custom fields. This means you can easily add fields for participants to list things like allergies or “safe pickup contacts” for family members who may pick-up younger participants when their parents or primary caregivers are busy. Adding useful custom fields like these can help guarantee the safety and security of your participants.

  3. Keep Classes Full with Automated Waitlists: Your class or course registrations will automatically list how many spots are available, in realtime. Once your class availability countdown reaches 0 (fully booked) Uplifter Lite can immediately open a waitlist where eager customers can sign up (note: you can turn on/off waitlists or limit the number of waitlist spots on a program-by-program basis). Once customers add themselves to a waitlist, you then also have the ability to reach out with an email to let them know when new opportunities arise from any participant cancellations. Using waitlists provides a great way for your organization to keep classes full and maximize revenues!

  4. Eliminate Erroneous Registrations: With Uplifter Lite you can control your registration by both gender and age. For those organizations that have gender or age-specific classes (For example, a gymnastics club with a Boys Tumbling class for ages 5-7) you can easily cut down on registration errors by attaching a gender or age range requirement to your class in Uplifter Lite . When you set a specific gender or age range, Uplifter Lite will automatically prevent registrations from any participants who don’t match those class requirements. This simple feature cans save you a lot of administration time that would otherwise go into fixing registration errors!

  5. Sell Recurring Memberships or Subscriptions: Your organization can sell recurring memberships for those clients who would like to commit to your programs long-term, without the hassle of re-registering. Recurring subscriptions can be quickly setup during the class/product creation process.

  6. Send Individual or Mass Email Communications: Using our robust email communication tools you can quickly send emails to individuals, groups, or your entire membership. These communications are great for broad club updates and quick reminders for specific groups or individuals.

  7. Save Time by Duplicating Classes for Next Season: If your organization offers new classes each season or each year, you can save a lot of setup time by simply duplicating existing classes or even entire seasons in Uplifter Lite and assigning a new date and time. This simple feature has helped some organizations cut down on registration setup times by more than 75%!

  8. Automatic Association Lookups: If your organization belongs to one of our athletic partner associations like Skate Canada, Gymnastics Ontario, or Gymnastics BC, Uplifter will automatically lookup your student’s membership status with those associations to ensure your members only pay association membership dues once per year.

  9. Create LGTBQI2S Friendly Gender Options for An Inclusive Experience: Custom gender options allow clubs to create LGTBQI2S friendly gender categories so that all participants feel welcome. These custom genders will show up on participant profiles.

These 9 tips can help you save a lot of administration time, increase your revenues and boost customer satisfaction!

Remember to bookmark this page so you can revisit these tips at a later time.

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