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Policies are informative (and often legal) forms that notify registrants of certain codes, requirements, or information that is very important. You can create an unlimited number of policies and set them to be mandatory or optional. You can also link these policies to specific programs, products, etc. on your site.

The Policies page is found by navigating to Settings > Policies. In order to access the Policies page, you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manage Policies.

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Create a Policy

  1. Select Add New Policy
  2. Add the policy information as desired 
  3. Select Create New Policy

To create a policy please navigate to the Policies page. In the main section of the page, below any already made policies, will be the policy form. Enter your desired policy information into this form and select Create New Policy at the bottom of the page to save your new policy.


Policy must be ACCEPTED to complete an invoice: By marking or unmarking the box next to "Policy must be ACCEPTED to complete an invoice" you can effectively toggle the required agreement to your policy. If the box is checked, a member must accept the policy in order to register with your club/organization. 
Policy Name: The Policy Name field is where you should enter a name for your policy.
Policy Details: The Policy Details field is where you should enter your policy information, including all required links, references, and fine print.
Link To: The Link To section is where you can tag your desired elements to attach this policy to. You may have a media policy, but only take pictures of your higher tier athletes. In that instance, you will want to tag the categories those athletes register in. You can learn more about tagging in our article Tagging.

Remember to hit Create New Policy when you are happy with your policy's setup. 

Edit a Policy

  1. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif
  2. Update the information as desired
  3. Select to Update Policy

To edit a policy select the Edit Edit-L.gif option to the right of the desired policy. The policy, in its current state, will populate in a pop-up. Update the information and tags applied to the policy as desired and select to Update Policy


Delete a Policy

  • Select to Delete Delete-L.gif

To delete a policy from your site select the Delete Delete-L.gif icon to the right of the policy name. Deletion is permanent so please ensure you have all desired elements you wish to retain from the policy before deleting it.



Where Does a Policy Show?


For members, policies will be listed at the time of checkout. Once a member has added items to their cart and proceeded from Step 1 of checkout to Step 2, they will be presented with payment options as well as your club/organizations policies.


Policies that are mandatory* will have to be viewed and accepted in order to proceed with the registration. Those that are optional must be viewed, but the option to reject the policy will be acceptable. Once viewed, a policy will have a checkbox beside it indicated whether it was accepted or rejected.


*Accepted policies will also be noted on invoices for members to review. These can be accessed via My Account > Invoices > View invoice. The accepted policies will be located at the bottom of the invoice view page.


For administrators, policies are available to view on the policies page. However, accepted/rejected policies will also show at the bottom of the invoice view page. This is accessible via Accounting > Invoices > View invoice. The accepted policies will be listed at the bottom of the invoice view page.


Admins will also have access to a dedicated Policies report to review all accepted and rejected policies, filterable by policy, available by navigating to Reports > Policies


Admin-Created Invoices & Policies

When generating an invoice on behalf of a member you the standard process will circumnavigate the policies. This is because you, as a site admin, are creating and processing the invoice on behalf of your member but cannot accept policies on their behalf. Because of this, you may wish to take action to ensure the user takes the final steps after you have completed your admin magic!

Hold The Invoice

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Invoices
  2. Find any pending invoice for the member or create a new invoice if required
  3. Add the desired participants/programs/products/etc. to the invoice
  4. Click Calculate
  5. Click Select Payment Method & Post and apply any manual adjustments (optional)
  6. Click Save As Pending

To create a customized invoice for a member, then have them checkout from their side of the system, you will want to use the Save As Pending option. To do so, you'll need to make a new invoice for the user. Before selecting to create a new invoice from scratch, please be sure to check if any Pending invoice exist for the member first. This can be done by navigating to Accounting > Invoices and filtering by Invoice Status: Pending. If one exists for the member you must use this invoice. Otherwise,if a pending invoice does not exist, create a new invoice.

Add your desired programs, products, etc. to the invoice as you like. Click Calculate to have the system check for any applicable discounts or fees. If you wish to make manual adjustments to costs you can click Select Payment Method & Post, then perform said adjustments. Finally, click Save As Pending.

At this time the user can login, navigate to their shopping cart, and check out with the invoice you have created for them. During this process they can also accept/decline your organization's policies.


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