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Gift Certificates



Gift Certificates are credits generated to members either through manual creation or through invoice refunds. These credits can then be use to purchase other items on your site. Gift Certificates created during the refunding process is a great way to keep the money inside your club.

The Gift Certificates page is found by navigating to Accounting > Gift Certificates. In order to access the Gift Certificates page you will need the following permissions: Admin, Payment Manager. Note, these permissions will also give the user access to Accounting > Payments.

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Can I Apply an Expiry Date to Gift Certificates?

No. Gift certificates are most often made to parallel cash and, as such, should not have an expiry. If a situation does call for an expiration date it is best to set a reminder and Delete Delete-L.gif the gift certificate manually via the Gift Certificates page. Never Delete Delete-L.gif a gift certificate that was generated by a refund.

Where Can Members See Their Gift Certificates?

Gift certificates are noted in two key locations: via My Account > Account; and during the checkout process when viewing their cart.

Can I Enforce the Use of Gift Certificates?

Yes. Update your Default Use Credit setting available under Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options] > Invoice Settings. More information is available in the Set The Default Use Of Gift Certificates section.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are credits that are tied directly to member accounts and are non transferable. Once created, the balance will display on the members checkout page for use.

Create a Gift Certificate

  1. Select Add-L.gif Add Gift Certificate
  2. Enter the Gift Certificate's information
  3. Select Save

To manually create a gift certificate within your Uplifter system select Add-L.gif Add Gift Certificate. Enter the gift certificate's information as desired and select Save. To create a gift certificate through refunding on an invoice, please see Refunding To A Gift Certificate.


Member: The member the gift certificate is meant for. To find your member, begin typing and select the member from the suggested list.
Value: The amount of credit you wish to allot the member, in dollars.
Code: The (often) unique code applied to the gift certificate for reference/identification. The systematic serialization of your gift certificate codes is highly recommended as it will assist in clarity and reporting.
Note(optional): An optional note can be applied for more clarity or correlation.

Edit a Gift Certificate

At present, gift certificate cannot be edited. Instead, you will want to delete your current gift certificate and create a new one. If the gift certificate in question was created through a refund on an invoice, it is likely you will want to create a new gift certificate instead of adjusting the current one.

Delete a Gift Certificate

  • Select Delete Delete-L.gif

To remove a gift certificate from a member's account select the Delete Delete-L.gif option to the right of the gift certificate in question. Be very cautious when deleting gift certificates as they may be a result of refunding from an invoice.



Gift Certificates on Invoices

When used as a payment or refund option gift certificates will display on invoices like any other payment method.

Using A Gift Certificate To Pay - Member Checkout

  1. Proceed to the checkout process
  2. Check Check-L.gif Use Available Credit
  3. Proceed with checkout

Members may freely use their gift certificates to pay for purchases and registrations from your club. To do so, they will first add their desired items to their cart, then select the [Shopping Cart] tab to move into the checkout process. On any step of the checkout process they will have the option to check Check-L.gif Use Available Credit, located just under their Total. By doing so, the system will use all available credit, up to the invoice total.


Once applied, the member can then proceed with the invoice as required with the remaining total. Please note that gift certificates are applied to the invoice's total before installments are calculated.

Using a Gift Certificate to Pay - Admin Use

  1. Navigate to the edit screen for the invoice in question
  2. Select  Check-L.gif Use Available Credit
  3. Adjust any other items
  4. Select Post

To use a gift certificate as a payment from the administrative side of the site, navigate to the edit screen for the invoice in question. Scroll down to the Payments section and check Check-L.gif Use Available Credit. This will automatically generate a Paid payment line for the gift certificate amount, up to the total of the invoice. Please note that gift certificates are applied to the invoice's total before installments are calculated.


There may be instances where you find the  Check-L.gif Use Available Credit button does not seem to work. This is due to the invoice having a static pending payment. In order to remedy this, simply select to Delete Delete-L.gif the current pending payment. This will generate a new pending payment line that you can now affect as desired.

Alternatively, you can select to Edit Edit-L.gif the pending payment line and adjust the medium from it's current state to Gift Certificate. You will then need to adjust the total of the pending payment to the desired value to use from the gift certificate, up to the total of the invoice.


Set the Default Use of Gift Certificatess

  1. Navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options]
  2. Under Invoicing Settings, update the Default Use Credit drop down
  3. Select Save All

To control the default usage of allotted gift certificates please navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options]. Here, under the Invoicing Settings, use the Default Use Credit drop down to select your desired default settings. Don't forget to select Save All to keep any desired changes.


--: The system defaults to not using the gift certificate. The member can freely toggle the usage of their credit.
Default Checked: The system defaults to using the gift certificate. The member can freely toggle the usage of their credit.
Always Apply Credit: The system defaults to using the gift certificate. The member cannot toggle the usage of their credit.

Refunding To A Gift Certificate

  1. Navigate to the edit screen for the invoice in question
  2. Adjust the invoice as desired to create an owing balance
  3. Select to Refund Refund-L.gif a Paid payment
  4. Select Gift Certificate as the medium
  5. Select an existing gift certificate or enter a code in the Transaction ID field
  6. Select Post

Refunding to a member in the form of a gift certificate can only be done from the administrative side. For more information on the general refunding process, please see our article Invoices. Once you have made your adjustments to your invoice and caused an owing balance to occur you can then navigate to the Payments section of the invoice. There, select to Refund Refund-L.gif any Paid payment. This will generate a refund line.


Update the refund's medium from default to Gift Certificate. If the member already has a gift certificate on their account you can refund the value onto that gift certificate. Similarly, if they have multiple unused gift certificates you can use the drop down to select which you would prefer to refund to. If you've created a gift certificate solely for the purposes of refunding an invoice to it, you will want to ensure that the value of the gift certificate is $0 before performing the refund. That is, instead of creating a gift certificate with the value of the refund and then performing the refund, which would result in a double credit.

If the member does not have a gift certificate on their account yet you can create a new one by selecting Gift Certificate as the medium, then entering your desired code into the Transaction ID field. When you are happy with your changes you can select Post.



Reporting on Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be reported on in Uplifter, as one might expect. However, gift certificates are split into two distinct classifications: gift certificates and payments. These classifications are applied before and after use, respectively.

Before Use

  • Select CSV Export CSVReport-I.png

Before a gift certificate has been used it can be reported on from the Gift Certificate page. To do so, select the CSV Export CSVReport-I.png from the toolbar. You may also select the CSVReport-I.png Advanced CSV option for a more customized report.

After Use

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select any of the Payment reports
  3. Ensure that your filters include Gift Certificates 
  4. Select your view option

Once a gift certificate has been used it is considered a payment. Payments can be reported on in any of the Payments reports. Payment reports can be found on the Reports page. When using a Payment report you will want to ensure that you have filtered to include (or at least not filter against) gift certificates in order to see them in the report.



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