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Within the Uplifter system, achievements are attainable targets for your participants to work towards. They are considered high-level markers for progression and can be set to achieved/completed once attained by the participant. By doing so, you not only encourage your participants to continue their progression, but your instructors can monitor the progression of all participants with accuracy and insight. 

The Achievements page is found by navigating to Settings > Achievements. In order to access the Achievements page you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manager Goals. Additional permissions may include: Manager Categories.

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Achievements are akin to a higher level of accomplishments. These generally require quite a bit of discipline and dedication to complete. 


Create Achievements

  1. Navigate to Settings > Achievements
  2. Select Add-L.gif Add Achievement
  3. Enter your desired achievement information
  4. Select Save


  1. Navigate to Settings > Categories
  2. Select Tools Gear-L.gif
  3. Select Add Requirement
  4. Enter your desired achievement requirement information
  5. Select Add

To create achievements within Uplifter you have two options. The first is to utilize the achievements page. This page can be found by navigating to Settings > Achievements. Here you can select the Add-L.gif Add Achievement option from the toolbar. 


Description: This field will allow you to name or describe the achievement.

Tags: You can tag your achievements with two main options. Category level tags will align your achievement with a specific Category Level. This will ensure that, no matter what, it displays under this category level on the Completed View of a participant's Achievement page.

You may also wish to tag your achievements with generic tags. These generic tags will then group your achievements by tag when viewing the List View on a participant's Achievement page.

Select Save to create your achievement or Cancel to discard. Alternatively, you can create achievements from your categories page. To do so, please navigate to Settings > Categories. Here you can expand your current listing of categories and category levels and select the Tools Gear-L.gif option. Selecting Add Requirement will allow you to add an existing achievement, or create a new one. To create a new achievement simply enter the achievement name/description into the "Value: Participant Has Achieved" field and select to Add. Please see Categories for more information on adding requirements. 

Edit Achievements

  1. Navigate to Settings > Achievements
  2. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif the desired achievement
  3. Update your desired elements
  4. Select Save

To update an existing achievement navigate to Settings > Achievements. Here you can find the desired achievement and select to Edit Edit-L.gif. In the pop-up you can adjust any desired elements, then select Save to keep your changes. Select Cancel to discard any changes.

Delete Achievements

  1. Navigate to Settings > Achievements
  2. Select to Delete Delete-L.gif the undesired achievement

To remove an unwanted achievement please navigate to Settings > Achievements. Here you will be able to locate the achievement and select the Delete Delete-L.gif icon to the right. Please note, you will not be able to delete an achievement that is in use. That is one that has been set to achieved on a participant's profile and/or one that is included in your category levels as a requirement. 


Achievement Manager

The achievement manager offers admins a quick and easy way to control and adjust your achievements and who they have been allotted to. The manager page is the main landing page when navigating to Settings > Achievements



Add Participants

From the manager page, you will have the ability to add new achievements to a participant's profile. To do so, simply select the Add Participant AddParticipants-L.gif. In the pop-up window, you will have the option to specify a participant, an achievement time, and a link to option to assign a completed achievement to a participant. Note that you can add more than one participant to the list at one time.


Add This Achievement To: This field will allow you to select any number of participants to whom you wish to assign this achievement. 
Achievement Completed On: This field will allow you to set the date of completion of the achievement you are assigning.
Link To Participant's 'In Progress' Category Level': This flag lets you set whether or not the achievement will be assign to the participant's currently 'In Progress' category level or not.

View Participants

From the manager page, you will have the ability to view all participants who have achieved a particular achievement. To do so, simply select the View Participants ViewParticipants-L.gif option. In the pop-up window, the system will list all participants who have been allotted the achievement in question. if you wish to remove this achievement from the participant's profile you can select to Delete Delete-L.gif the participant listing. 

Pending Achievement

From the manager page, you will have the ability to review achievements that are pending approval. Adjustable within your permission groups, admins can set instructors (and other users) to only have the ability to set an achievement to pending. Once in pending, an admin will have the chance to review and confirm said achievements.

To do so, simply select the Pending Achievement AchievementPending-L.gif option. In the pop-up window, you will have the option to mark a pending achievement as Approved Accept-L.gif or Declined Delete-L.gif



Mark Achievements

Once you have your achievements created you will want to begin marking your participant's profiles to keep track of accomplishments. There are three main methods to do so. The first is captured above in the Add Participants section. The second method is to mark the achievement as completed through the participant's profile. This process is captured in our article Participants - Achievements page.

Finally, you can mark achievements as completed via the evaluations feature. This process is covered in the Evaluations - Evaluation Icons And Functions article. Please note, in order to be able to access your achievements within your evaluation, you will want to tag them during the creation of your goal groups.


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