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Facilities & Locations


Every program you create within Uplifter must take place at a location, and every location must be within a facility. Whether your club/organization uses a single facility with only one internal location or has areas all over city, province, state, or country - each Uplifter site must have at least one facility with at least one location.

The Facilities / Locations page is found by navigating to Settings > Facilities / Locations. In order to access the Facilities / Locations page you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manage Facilities.

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Can I Change My Location Colours?

Yes. You can change your location colours by selecting to Edit your listed locations. You can also do this on the Dashboard or Seasons page by selecting the location listing under the Locations section.

Can I Have Different Colours Based On Categories?

Yes. You can do this but it requires you to create a location instance for each category you wish to colour code. Don't forget to update your programs so their locations are set to the correct category-specific location.


Facilities & Locations

Create a Facility & Location

To create a facility and/or location please navigate the Facilities / Locations page.


  1. Select Add-L.gif Add Facility
  2. Enter in the facility information
  3. Select Save

To create a facility select Add-L.gif Add Facility from the toolbar. Enter in your facility information such as name, address, and phone number, then select Save to keep your changes.



  1. Select Add-L.gif Add Location
  2. Enter location name
  3. Select Add

Once you have a facility you are ready to add a location. To do so, select Add-L.gif Add Location from the toolbar along the bottom of the facility edit page. Enter the name of your facility, choose any desired colours, and select Add to include it within the facility. Finally, select Save to keep your changes.


Edit a Facility or Location

  1. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif the facility or location
  2. Update the information as desired
  3. Select to Save

To edit a facility or location select Edit Edit-L.gif next to the desired facility. On the facility edit page you can update the facility information. Don't forget to Save any desired changes. If you wish to update the location name, select to Edit Edit-L.gif the desired location, make your changes, then select Update. Remember to save your facility once you have changed your location to your preference.


Delete a Facility or Location

  • Select to Delete Delete-L.gif the facility or location

To delete a facility, with all of it's included locations, select the Delete Delete-L.gif option to the right of the facility name. To delete only a select location within a facility, select to Edit Edit-L.gif the facility, then select to Delete Delete-L.gif the location within by selecting the Delete Delete-L.gif option to the right of the location name. Note, you cannot delete a facility or location that is in use by a program.



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