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Seasons are used to capture the overarching timeline that your programs will exist within. Depending on your club/organization structure, your seasons may be a complete year (2018, 2019, etc.); coincide with the real world season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer); or be segmented to correlate more directly with the programs you offer. Seasons will be used to categorize your programs both for members/participants as well as for you and your admins when reporting. 

The Seasons page is found by navigating to Products & Programs > Seasons. In order to access the Seasons page you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manage Seasons.

Additional permissions may include: Edit Programs.

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I Have A Fall And A Winter Season, Should I Split Them?

Maybe. The biggest determining factor is if you wish to offer discounts for registering for both. If you want to offer discounts to users for registering in both Fall and Winter then you will want a single season (Fall/Winter). Otherwise, you can have individual seasons or a single season, whichever you prefer.



Create a Season

  1. Select ​ Add a New Season
  2. Enter the season's information
  3. Select Save

To create a season within your site select ​ Add a New Season from the toolbar. This will generate a season pop-up with fields for all of the pertinent information. Each season will require the same basic information to structure the season within your system.


Season Name: The Season Name field allows you to name your season as desired. Appending the year to your season name is highly advised (ex. Spring 2019).
Season Start: The Season Start field lets you set the beginning date of your season. The Season Start date should be set to begin before your first program within the season starts.
Season End: The Season End field lets you set the end date of your season. The Season End date should be set to end after your last program within the season ends.
Age Cutoff Date: The Age Cutoff Date is the date in which participants must meet any set age requirements. So, if a participant must be four to register in your program - when do they need to be four by? Set at the season level, the Age Cutoff Date applies, by default, to all programs within the season. The Age Cutoff Date is most often the season's start or end date.

Each season can also have an unlimited number of Holidays, Exception Days, and Season Event Days. These calendar events may have an effect on your programs. as they can halt even generation from taking place. 



Holidays can be added by enter a name for your holiday and specifying a Start Date. By entering only a start date, only that single day will be considered part of the holiday. By entering an End Date you will expand the holiday to cover every day from the start to finish. 

Holidays will halt all event generation on the specified day(s). This means that programs cannot/will not take place during a holiday. If you've accidentally set a Holiday you may need to remove it and regenerate your events.



Exception Days can be added by enter a name for your exception day and specifying a Start Time and End Time. You may also select at least one location where this exception day will take place. This offers you more control over when and where events do and don't populate.

Exception Days will halt event generation during their specified times and their specific locations. If you've accidentally set an Exception Day you may need to remove it and regenerate your events.



Season Event Days can be added by enter a name for your event day and specifying a Start Time and End Time. Event Days do not halt the generation of events. As such, they are perfect for notifying your members of upcoming events that do not disturb standard program events.

Edit a Season

  1. Select the desired season from the drop down
  2. Select to Edit ​
  3. Update the desired elements
  4. Select Save

To update an existing season's information, first select the season from the season drop down. Once the season loads, select to Edit ​​ the season. Once you have adjusted the desired information remember to Save!


Delete a Season

Though you cannot presently delete a season you do have two alternatives. The first is that you can rename any season you wish by selecting to Edit the season. The second is that you can archive any season to package it away, possibly for later use if the season is not otherwise used.

Archive a Season

  1. Select the desired season from the drop down
  2. Select to Edit ​
  3. Select Archive Season

To archive a season select the desired season from the drop down. Select to Edit ​ the season and scroll to the bottom of the pop-up. Here you will have the option to Archive Season.


Archiving this season will remove the season from all dropdowns and filters. Programs belonging to this season will no longer appear in the program manager. You will no longer be able to add programs and products to this season, but all existing data will remain. Reporting will still include this season.

Restore a Season

  1. Select the Manage Archived Seasons icon
  2. Check each season you wish to restore
  3. Select Update

To restore a season select the Manage Archived Seasons icon. From the pop-up, check each season you wish to restore and select Update.



How to Segment Your Seasons

Although there is no wrong way to create and setup your seasons, clubs will find the most success if they parallel their natural registration flow. Do you hold most of your programs/classes in the winter, with a slow trickle of programs/classes through the rest of the year? Maybe a "Winter YYYY" season with a supplementary "Spring/Summer/Fall YYYY" season would be best.

Most clubs and organizations will run on a consistent cycle. If can find your peaks within this cycle you can identify your seasons. Let's say you run a nature photography class. You might see huge spikes of registrations in Spring and Fall as the real-world seasons transition. This would likely split your year into two equal seasons. While named "Spring YYYY" and "Fall YYYY" they may extend and capture summer and winter respectively in their date ranges. Alternatively, you may find a whole different assortment of people are interested in Winter photography. In which case, it looks like four seasons per year would work best.

Split Seasons

Some clubs may offer split seasons. Split seasons are those that segment in the middle, allowing participants to register for the first half of a season, the second half of a season, or the whole season. This is often accompanied by a reduced price for registering for the whole season. 

In this instance, as stated above, there is no wrong way to create your seasons. However, there is a highly recommend way. Two, in fact! If your club is of the mind to split your season you may think it's best to create a "First Half" season, a "Second Half" season, and a "Whole Season" season. However, doing so will split your program meaning you are offering two registrations for the same day/time slot. In many cases, that is not an issue. However, if you have insurance caveats that only allow for X number of participants on to ice, mats, gym floor, etc. then you may find yourself juggling two programs to ensure you have the right number of participants on the day.

Instead, we recommend that you either:

A) Create two seasons - a 'first half' and a 'second half'. You can then create a discount to compensate for those who purchase from both.


B) Create a single season and create a 'first half' program and a 'second half' program. Again, using a discount to reduce the pricing when necessary. 


Volunteer Requirements

Available On:

Volunteer requirements can be set on the Seasons page. Requirements are created on a season by season basis. More information on creating these requirements, and the positions to fulfill them, can be found in our article Volunteering.


Copy Season

The Copy This Season function allows for clubs to quickly copy over a specified list of programs from one season to another and either create a new season at the same time, or fill in a previously created season with copies of a season's programs. Note: When copying seasons over the system will not copy over any existing program-level requirements.

Duplicate a Season

  1. Select your desired season to copy
  2. Select Copy This Season
  3. Select New or Existing season
  4. Sill in the required season info/select a season
  5. Select Copy To Season
  6. Mark and update any desired programs
  7. Select Create

To begin the season copy process first select the desired season you wish to copy from the season drop down menu. Next, select Copy This Season. Within the pop-up you can then select if you would like to create a new season or copy into an already existing season.


By selecting New Season you will be able to create a new season during the process of copying. Enter the new season's Start and End Dates and enable any settings you wish. Once you select Copy To Season you will have an opportunity to add additional season details as noted in the Create A Season section.


By selecting Existing Season you will be able to select an already created season from the drop down menu - included the option to select the season you are copying from. Select your desired season from the list, enable your desired settings and select Copy To Season.

Save all Programs as Beta?: By selecting "Save all Programs as Beta?" all of the programs you are copying from one season to another will be set to Beta status. This is a wise choice for sites that are live and active.

Enable Priority Registration: By selecting this option the system will place registrants from your last season's programs into your new season being created. This places them into Reserved status for these programs, essentially saving their registration placement by taking up a capacity slot.

Once your program is set to Public and registrations begin your priority registrants will be notified of their status. This notification requires that you have enabled Waitlist Notifications via Settings > Global Settings > Notifications & Messages > Waitlists > Enable Waitlist Notifications.

Once your specified Priority Registration date is met the system will automatically remove the priority registrants from their status and notify them of as much.

Once you have moved forward with your desired season copy method you will be brought to the Program Batch Update page. On this page you can use the far left column, Create, to mark which programs with the season you wish to create within your target season. You may also make adjustments to much of the program's information. More information on this page and its features and functions can be found in our article Batch Updating Programs. Don't forget, you can save as you go!


Event Manipulation

Within the season menu and administrator can manipulate individual events within a program. This is highly useful for changes required on only a single event within a program. These features are all directly available through the season calendar by left-clicking the event on the calendar. 


Edit Program


By selecting any event of a program you may select Edit Program to begin editing the program as a whole. This will allow you to make desired adjustments to all events within the program. For more information on programs, please see our article Programs.

Edit Event


By selecting an event within the season calendar you may select Edit Event. This allows you to make changes to a single event within a program. Editing an event allows you to change the time and location of an event, as well as delete the single event from the program. Deleting an event will reduce the total number of events within a program.

Copy Event


By selecting an event within the season calendar you may select Copy Event. This allows you to duplicate the event, specifying the unique time and location of the new event. This will add to the total number of events for a program.

Copy Program


By selecting an event within the season calendar you may select Copy Program. This allows you to duplicate the entire program you've selected. By doing so, a Create Program window will open and you will be offered a chance to change any elements you wish. For more information on programs, please see our article Programs.

Delete Event


By selecting an event within the season calendar you may select Edit Event. Editing an event allows you to change the time and location of an event, as well as choose to delete the single event from the program. Deleting an event will reduce the total number of events within a program.

Regenerate Program

In certain instances you may have accidentally or erroneously created a holiday or exception day that removed a program event from the calendar. Or possibly removed an event you wish to replace. If this is the case you will first want to remove or adjust the holiday/exception day.

You will then want to regenerate your program by selecting Edit Program from the event menu. On the program edit screen, Check "Automatically Create Class Schedule" and select to Update. This will delete all events within the program and regenerate them on your calendar. Note, that this will regenerate any manually deleted events as well as reconfigure any manually edited events back to their original state.


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