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Programs are the main element of your Uplifter system's registration portion. Programs are the listings of classes and events that you offer participants to join. Depending on your needs, programs might last only a day, or maybe even recur over a whole year.

The Programs page is found by navigating to Products & Programs > Programs. In order to access the Programs page you will need the following permissions: Admin, View Programs.

Additional permissions may include: Edit Programs.

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Some features in this article may only be available on certain tiers.



My Event Count Is Incorrect - How Can I Correct This?

Select to Edit Edit-L.gif your program, double check your settings in the Program Class Time section, including the First/Last Event Date and event listings, then select Update.

My Event Times Are Wrong - How Can I Correct This?

Select to Edit Edit-L.gif your program, double check your settings in the Program Class Time section, including the Start/End Time settings of each event, then select Update.

Can I Add/Remove The Reserved Status?

Not always. Reserved status is applied when either (A) a user adds a program to cart, but has not yet checked out; or (B) a participant has been added to the waitlist before all registration spots are full. In the case of A, you must wait for the cart to expire/be paid for in order for the Reserved status to be removed. In the case of B you can remove the participant from the waitlist or register them into the program to remove the Reserved status.



Program & Class Management Wed Oct 30th, 2019: This webinar will tackle everything your coaches and instructors need to know about Uplifter’s programs. Learn about creating, copying and editing programs. Plus, get comfortable with time-saving features like season copying, batch editing, class grouping and attendance.

This webinar covers:
  • Creating/Copying/Editing Programs: 2:48
  • Batch Editing: 9:37
  • Season Copying: 12:12
  • Waitlists: 17:23
  • Class Grouping: 21:51
  • Attendance: 25:51
  • Communication With Members: 35:22
  • Notifying Your Team: 38:34


Program Manager

The program manager page is your centralized hub to review all things programs. Here, you can get a great overview of the programs you publicly offer and maybe even the few that only your admins know about. When you first navigate to Products & Programs > Programs you'll be greeted by a list of your programs.

Learn More


There is a lot of at a glance information available on this screen to make your life easier. We've also included a handy legend for your reference.


For the programs you've created, you can view their status/visibility by the sliver of colour on the far left of their program segment. Green is public, yellow is in beta (only those with Beta Orders can see/access them), and grey is unavailable. This standard is also applied to the eye indicator, notifying you if the program is visible to the public. This indicator can also have a slash through it, indicating the program can be seen, but not registered for.


The program's season and category, date range, event count, SKU, payment group, and day/time description will be readily visible for your reference. As well, the cost of the item and an "I" and "P" indicator will let you know if the item has installments and/or proration enabled, respectively. You'll also see a bar graph displaying how many participants have registered with another bar graph below letting you know how many waitlisters have joined the program, if enabled.




Programs are the main element of registrations. Each program that you create will be presented to the public to be browsed and selected from. Every program will function within a single season, be part of a single category, and span across at least one (but possibly more) category levels. These are all elements your members can filter against, so organizing your programs correctly will expedite and ease their experience. You can also gain more information from users based on the programs they register for using Custom Fields.

Create A Program

  1. Select Add-L.gif Add Program
  2. Enter the program's information
  3. Select Create

To create a program select Add-L.gif Add Program from the toolbar. This will bring you to the program edit page in which you can update and customize your program to fit your needs. Once you are happy with your settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Create. The program creation page is split into four main segments.


Program Information


Program Name: The name of your program. Entering in a uniquely identifiable aspect is always helpful to differentiate your programs, especially if you offer many different version of a common program.
Program Price: The original, full cost of the program.
Description: A full description of the program that will be visible during registration. Keeping this non-specific when it comes to year, location, etc. is often advantageous. This will also be copied over when copying programs or seasons.
Program SKU: A program's SKU is a unique identifier used strictly on the admin side of the site. A SKU can be absolutely anything you would like, but a systematic serialization of your programs leads to greater success.
Category: The category in which the program belongs. Programs may only belong to a single category (see Categories for more information).
Category Levels: The category level(s) in which the program belongs. Programs can span over one or more category levels within their assigned categories. If you offer more than one category level, registrants will be placed in the highest level they qualify for (see Categories for more information).

Program Class Times


First/Last Event Date: The first and last day in which the program's events can occurs. This will work in tandem with your Class Schedule, below.
Day/Time Description: A small description of the day and time in which the program occurs. This is displayed on the registration page to offer quick insight into the programs time slots. Certain registration page templates will remove this from the registration page view (see Public Website Management for more information).
Event Handler: Learn more about using the Event Handler in our section Event Handler, below.
Add Event(s): Begin creating an event or series of events
Location: The designated location of your program. This will be the default location for all events within the program.
Repeats: The consistency in which your program will generate events. This can either be Daily, Weekly, or Never.
Every: Pairing with your Repeats selection, this can either specify "X" number of days or which day of the week the program events occur.
First/Last Event Date: The first and last day in which the program's events will occur within this series of events.
Class Start/End Time: The time your program events will start and end. Note that you can customize these times beyond the default options by editing the field as a standard input field.


Registration Details (Advanced Settings)


Registrations Status: The registration status of the program. Unavailable will be inaccessible to all. Beta will be accessible only to those who have Beta Purchasing permission. Public will be accessible to all, but relies on the Registration Start Time and Cutoff time as well.
Registration Start Time: The time in which this program will become available for registration. This is also reliant on the program's status. Programs that are set to Public will display on the registration page but will not be accessible to add to cart until the registration start time. Defaults to the day you create the program.
Registration Cutoff: The time in which this program will no longer be available for registrations.
Season: The season in which the program occurs. Programs can only exist within one season, but you can copy a program quickly to exist within another season, or copy an entire season worth of programs. Defaults to your newest season.
Age Cutoff Date: The date in which participants must meet any set age requirements. So, if a participant must be four to register in your program - when do they need to be four by? This is most often the start or end of the program.
Allow Correct Age As Of Registration Date (if after cut-off date): If you check this box, participants are allowed to register for a program as long as they are at least the minimum age and no more than the maximum age at the later of either the time that they register for the program or the calculated Age Cutoff date as described above.
Withdrawn Deadline: The deadline for a participant to withdraw from a program. Presently this is for internal/administrative reference only and has no explicit effect on any systems.
Max Registrations: The maximum number of registrations you are willing to accept for a program. Leave blank to allow unlimited registrations.
Max Waitlist: The maximum number of waitlisted participants you wish to allow for this program. Leave blank to allow unlimited waitlisters.
Min Participants Per Registration: The minimum number of registrants required to register for the program successfully (requires Enterprise tier)
Max Participants Per Registration: The maximum number of registrants allowed to register for the program successfully (requires Enterprise tier).

Payment (Advanced Settings)


Payment Method Group: The selected payment method group for payment of the program. Please be mindful that restrictive payment method groups will supersede less restrictive options (see Payment Methods for more information).
Taxes: Toggle various taxes created on your site (see Invoices for more information).
Enable Prorating: Enable or disable proration for the program's cost. This will reduce the cost of the program as events pass (see How Prorating Programs Works for more information).
Tax Receipt Eligible: Toggle whether or not the program is considered when generating tax receipts.
Enable Payment Installments: Enable or disable installments for the program. This will become a payment option during checkout for members (see How Allowing Installment Payments Work for more information).

Edit A Program

  1. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif
  2. Update the program's information as desired
  3. Select Update

To edit a program select Edit Edit-L.gif to the right of the program name. This will open the program edit page where you can update any/all elements you wish. Once you are happy with our changes select Update at the bottom of the page. While editing, you will also have the option to add  Requirements/Restrictions and use program-level requirements to your advantage.


Copy A Program

  1. Select to Copy Copy-L.gif
  2. Update the program's information as desired
  3. Select Create

To copy a program select to Copy Copy-L.gif the program from the program listings. The system will open a pre-filled program creation page. The program name and SKU will be appended with "-COPY". You will want to, at the very least, update the program SKU before creating. However, you will likely want to update the program name, day, time, and maybe a few other elements before scrolling to the bottom and selecting Create.


Delete A Program

  1. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the program edit page
  3. Select Delete

To delete any unwanted programs first select to Edit Edit-L.gif the program. Scroll to the bottom of the program edit page and select Delete to completely remove the program from your system. **Please note, you cannot delete a program that has registrations.**



Requirements and restrictions can be applied to programs by first creating the program, then selecting to edit it once more. At the bottom of the program edit page you will find the option to add requirements and restrictions. This feature functions in the exact same way as those on the Category page but will only apply to that single program. For more information on creating and applying requirements and restrictions please see our Categories article's Requirements/Restrictions section.


Event Handler

Creating events on your organization's calendar is quicker and easier than ever. For each program in your system you will have full control of each individual event right from the program edit page. This comes in the form of the Event Handler.



Add Event(s)

  1. Click Add Event(s)
  2. Set the parameters of your event(s)
  3. Click OK


To add a new event (or series of events) to your program select Add Event(s) from the toolbar. In the pop-up, enter your event parameters, including the Location, how often the event repeats, when the series begins and ends, and when each event in the series begins and ends.

Edit Event(s)

  1. Update the Start Time, End Time, and/or Location as desired
  2. Confirm the application of the change
  3. Click Create/Update to save the program


To update an existing event (or series of events) simply update Start Time, End Time, and/or Location of the event in question. The system will then inquire as to how you wish to apply the change: Update only this event; Update this event and upcoming similar events; Update all similar events.

Note that if you wish to shift the day on which an event occurs you will want to delete the event and recreate it by selecting Add Event from the toolbar.

Delete Event(s)

  1. Click Delete next to the undesired event
  2. Confirm the application of the change
  3. Click Create/Update to save the program


To remove an unwanted event (or series of events) from a program simply select the Delete icon to the right of the event listing. The system will then inquire as to how you wish to apply the change: Update only this event; Update this event and upcoming similar events; Update all similar events.


Batch Updating Programs

The Batch Update feature allows clubs to rapidly update multiple programs without having to address each program individually. Batch updating is often used in tandem with Season Duplication, which allow you to copy seasons/programs before editing them with Batch Update. It is highly recommended that you understand the basics of program creation before batch updating.

Filtering Your Batch Update

Before selecting Batch Update from the toolbar you may wish to filter the program manager page to reduce the number of items you will be updating. Any filters applied to your program manager page will carry over to your batch update list. If you are copying a season you will have no option to filter before proceeding to the batch update page.


The Batch Update Screen

Once you have filtered your program list you may then select the Batch Update button from the toolbar. This will bring you to the Batch Update screen.


Batch Update Columns

The Batch Update screen will list your desired programs horizontally, correlating all of their parameters into columns. Most columns will allow you to simply highlight the cell you wish to update and begin typing. Hitting enter or moving to another cell will save your changes to that cell. Alternatively, you can select the grey cell directly below the column title (Row 1) to batch update that column. You can undo any changes with the standard undo key combination (PC: Ctrl+Z; MAC: Cmd+Z).


Listed below are the columns that use a unique interaction method. Note that Season, Category, and Default Location columns are not editable on the Batch Update screen.

Update: The Update parameter lets you mark the programs you wish to update with your newly changed information after selecting Update at the bottom of the page. If you have not marked your program to update, any changes will be discarded.
Program Name: The Program Name parameter allows you to alter the name of your programs en mass. From the drop down menu, you may enter your desired name into the [Update] tab. This will change all listed programs. Alternatively, you can update the appended information on a program name from the [Append] tab. This is highly useful for removing or altering "-COPY" from copied programs. Lastly, on the [Replace] tab, you can search for a specific lettering, word, or grouping of words to be replaced by whatever you choose. Select the Accept-L.gif to implement your changes or the Cancel-L.gif to cancel them. Note: you can also update individual Program Names by highlighting the cell and typing.


Program SKU: The Program SKU parameter functions exactly like the Program Name parameter. This is useful for updating any SKU's that use the season/date as part of their name, or to remove "-COPY" from the appendix. Note: you can also update individual Program Names by highlighting the cell and typing.
Status: The Status parameter uses a drop down menu to change programs between Public, Beta, and Unavailable status. You may either batch update your programs, or select the status individually.
Allow Offline Payments: The Allow Offline Payments uses a check box to toggle this program feature. Marked is enabled, unmarked is disabled.
Tax Credit Eligible: The Tax Credit Eligible parameter uses a check box to toggle this program feature. Marked is enabled, unmarked is disabled.
First/Last Class: The First and Last Class parameters uses a drop down calendar for ease of selection. Note: you can also left-click the month or year for quick navigation.
Age Cutoff Date: The Age Cutoff Date parameter uses a drop down calendar for ease of selection. Note: you can also left-click the month or year for quick navigation.
Allow Correct Age As Of Reg Date: The Allow Correct Age As Of Reg Date parameter uses a check box to toggle this program feature. Marked is enabled, unmarked is disabled.
Withdraw Deadline Date: The Withdraw Deadline Date parameter uses a drop down calendar for ease of selection. Note: you can also left-click the month or year for quick navigation.
Installment Start Date: The Installment Start Date parameter uses a drop down calendar for ease of selection. Note: you can also left-click the month or year for quick navigation.
Installment Intervals: The Installment Intervals parameter uses a drop down menu to change programs between Days, Weeks, and Months. You may either batch update your programs, or select the status individually.

Saving Your Progress

Depending on your preferences you may wish to work with your programs in smaller batches, or in large chunks. There is no wrong way to use the feature! However, it is of note that you can select to Save the changes you have made at any time. This can be done by selecting Save at the bottom of the page. Should you continue to make changes, even to ones you have already saved, selecting Save again will update those programs once more.

Like many software programs out there, it is wise to keep saving as you work!


Class Lists & Waitlists

Uplifter offers administrators the ability to view and manipulate the list of registrants within a program. To do so, select the View View-L.gif icon to the right of the desired program. That will bring you to the program view page which will be headed with the programs basic information for your reference. Below you will find the list of all registrants and any groups already created, followed by the waitlist section. Looking to Withdraw a participant from a program? See the Invoice Actions article.

Create Groups

  1. Select Create Group
  2. Adjust information for the group
  3. Drag and drop participants into and out of groups
  4. Select Save Groups

Once participants begin to register in a program they will be listed on the program view page. They can then be managed into groups for easy organization and reference. These groups can also be assigned a coach and are accessible/can be filtered against when performing evaluations for greater focus on specific athletes.


To create a group, select the Create Group button. This will generate a new group segment. You can rename this segment by clicking the current group name. You can assign an instructor to this group by beginning to type their name in the "Search for Instructor" field and selecting from the suggestions. Please note, instructors added to a group will be able to track all participants that are part of the particular program group until the end of the program plus the number of days identified in your Uplifter settings under "Instructor Program Expiry" (see Settings - Site Options for more information). Tracking participants includes viewing and editing all details within the participant's profile.

Once you are ready, you can begin to organize your participants into groups by simply dragging and dropping your participants into the various groups.


Once you are happy with your groups you must select Save Groups to keep your changes.

Print Your Class List

  • Select Export Classlist Details as CSV

To print a copy of your class list be sure you have selected Save Groups to ensure your latest updates are included. Next, select "Export Classlist Details as CSV" from the top of the Participants section.

Manage the Waitlist

The program's waitlist is located at the bottom of the program view page. Here you can see which participants are currently on the waitlist and which position they are in. You'll also have the option to adjust the position, add new participants, or remove others.


Please note: To have automated notices sent out to your waitlisters upon a spot opening you'll need to enable it within your system via Settings > Global Settings > Nofications & Messages > Waitlists. Here you check off "Enable Waitlist Notification".

Add Participants to the Waitlist

To add participants to the waitlist select Add To Waitlist. In the system pop-up select Add To Waitlist beside the desired participants. You can also use the Quick Search located at the top of the pop-up to find the desired participant quickly. Please note, you cannot add participants beyond the set max waitlist set at the program level.


Adjust Participant's Waitlist Positions

To change the position of a participant you will want to update their waitlist time. By setting the time to be the earliest in the list, latest, or somewhere in the middle, you can then select Change Time and manipulate which position the participant is in on your waitlist. Please note, participants can see which position they are in from their profiles.


Remove Participants from the Waitlist

To remove a participant from the waitlist select to Delete Delete-L.gif them.

View Withdrawn Participants

To view the participants that have been withdrawn from a program, select Show Withdrawn.


Reserved List/Status

When members add programs to their cart the system will add the applicable participant to the Reserved list of said program. This list/status saves the spot within the program for that participant while the member continues to shop/completes their checkout.


If the cart is abandoned and expires, this status will also expire shortly thereafter (usually within 5 minutes or so).


Program Registration URL

The registration URL can be found at the top left of any program edit page. This link will lead to a dedicated registration page for this individual program. This is perfect for call outs and highlights both within your public Uplifter pages as well as outside of Uplifter.



Custom Program/Product Packages

Custom Package Purchase Buttons

A custom package purchase button lets you curate a selection of items to be purchase all at once with one a single click of an "Add" button. Presently this requires a bit of manual setup, but this section will walk you through the exact required steps.

Not sure about working with all this code? Feel free to reach out to us here at anytime!

Select Your Items: Navigate to Products & Programs > Programs and Products & Programs > Products & Subscriptions to find your desired items you wish to package. For each, click the Edit icon to open the edit page for the item. It often helps to open each in a new tab of your browser to make sure you don't miss any.

Collect The Code: For each edit window you have opened check the box next to "Show HTML Add to Cart Code" (top left) and copy the code. Paste the code into a notepad or text editor. Note that each listing will open with a form element, then have three (3) input elements, then a closing form element.


Adjust The Code: For the first listing, leave the entire code (from form to form). For each other item find and copy the second input listing. Take this copied input and paste it into the first listing's code. This should be just before the final input element.


Paste The Code: Once the code is completed, copy it to your clipboard. Navigate to your desired public page, select to Edit the section, and choose Source Code from the toolbar. Here, find your preferred location and paste the copied code therein.


Custom Fields

Need to request specific information with a program being registered for? Check out our article Custom Fields!


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