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How to Handle Bounced/NSF Cheque Payments

Sometimes you might receive a cheque payment from a member and mark the payment on the invoice as "Paid", but then when you go to deposit the cheque it bounces. For accounting purposes, after a payment has been marked as paid on an invoice it can't be changed back to unpaid. 

So to handle this situation you could edit the payment details on the invoice like this:

  1. Refund to the bounced cheque payment on the invoice for the full amount of the bounced cheque
  2. Make sure to write a note on the invoice to indicate it is a refund for the bounced cheque
  3. Add a new pending payment equal to the amount the bounced cheque

This will create a new outstanding payment on the member's account status page, where they can either pay by credit card or they can provide you with a new cheque in person.

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