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Invoice Item Detail Locking



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The Invoice Item Detail Locking parameter allows a club to lock editing of item details. This is highly useful for clubs that want to perform accounting operations on a regular basis without having to worry about item details being edited.

Available On:


Locking Item Details

To lock item details on an invoice navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > Site Details > Invoice Settings. Under the header Invoice Item Detail Locking you can enter your desired number of days you would like your item details to remain editable.


Entering a value of 0 will lock all item details immediately. Leaving the field blank will allow item detail edits indefinitely.

Here you can also click "View History" to see a list of all alterations made to the setting. This adds another layer of transparency and accountability.



Locked Item Details

Item details that have been locked are no longer editable. This offers a level of security and assurance for accounting practices. Locked items will display their status with a Lock Lock-I.png icon, replacing the edit option to the right of the line item.

Item details that have not been locked:


Item details that have been locked:



Edits You Can Still Make

Please note, even though you've enabled invoice line locking, you can still make edits and changes to the invoice as a whole. This feature simply locks specific lines from being adjusted. You can still delete lines, add new lines, and adjust payments as desired. Since these are internally devised protocols your organization will want to discern these beforehand.


Unlocking Item Details

You can always adjust the number of days in which item details are editable. This effects line items retroactively so that you may adjust item details that were previously locked. Keep in mind, however, that not only are these changes recorded, but changing this setting to adjust an invoice may heavily effect aspects of your club's accounting.


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