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How to Handle Declined Credit Card Payments


If a credit card payment is declined, it will automatically be marked as declined on the invoice and a new pending credit card payment for the same amount will automatically be created on the same invoice. The new pending payment will not have any credit card details attached to it, and it will not be processed until a credit card is applied to it. The new pending payment will also appear on the Member's account as a payment awaiting credit card details.


Process the New Credit Card Payment

The member can add the credit card details themselves to process the payment, or an administrator can add the credit card details.


Finding All Declined Payments

You can pull a report or search for any payments that were declined/are overdue so that you can contact the members.

To search from the website:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Payments
  2. Select "Declined" under the Payment Status filter
  3. Click Filter

For a report:

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Click Payments - Invoice Summaries
  3. Check the box under "Only Show Registration Invoices with Outstanding Payments (overdue or in future)"
  4. Click CSV to generate the report


Automatic Notifications

You can also have Beanstream email you if any transactions are declined:

  1. In Beanstream, navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Email Receipts
  2. Select "Send a Declined Transaction Notification to the primary contact email address for all declined transactions submitted through the Process Transaction API payment gateway."
  3. Click Update
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