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This article is focused on the creation, editing, understanding, and manipulation of member accounts on your Uplifter site. Many elements of a member's account will extend to other pieces of your site, so it will be important to thoroughly understand member accounts to ensure your success.

The Members page is found by navigating to People & Accounts > Member Accounts. In order to access the Member page you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manage Members, Edit Members

Additional/alternative permissions may include: View Members (Coach Specific).

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What Is a Member Account?

Member accounts in Uplifter generally refer to the account created by a parent or guardian. It can, however, pertain to the skater themselves (if they are age of majority or otherwise handling their own account), or even a club for those sectional/regional organization using Uplifter. A member account will contain address information, a list of invoices, a list of family members, as well as connect all participant profiles within the family.



  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > [Look & Feel] tab
  2. Update your desired nomenclature under "Terminology"
  3. Select Save All

Members accounts are always referred to as "accounts" in Uplifter. This is to differentiate them from participant "profiles". The term "member" can be updated, however. To do so navigate to Settings > Global Settings > [Look & Feel] tab. Scroll down to the "Terminology" section and update the terms you wish (be sure to add both an English and a French term if your site is bilingual). Be sure to select Save All at the bottom of the page to keep any desired changes.


For regional/section organizations you may wish to change members to "clubs" or similar.


Members Manager

The member manager page is your centralized hub to review all things members. Here, you can get a great overview of the members within your site with a list of their participants and basic member information. When you first navigate to People & Accounts > Member Accounts you'll be greeted by a list of your members.


There is a lot of at a glance information available on this screen to make your life easier. We've also included a handy legend for your reference.


For each member your club/organization has you will see a member segment. These member segments will offer you the member name, number, email and last invoice date. They will also offer a list of participants, a notice of any overdue amounts, and the shortcuts to Add-L.gif Add an Invoice for that member or View-L.gif View that Member's Account in more detail.



Member Account Status

Members can have one of three statuses applied to their account: Active, Inactive, and Suspended. You can update these statuses directly from the member manager page, or within the member's account.

Active: The default status. This is an account in good health and activity. This status will display on all pages and reports.


Inactive: This status is for those members who have ceased using your system but may yet come back. This can be applied to an account by both admin and member alike. This status will not display on the member manager page by default. Users whose accounts have been set to Inactive can still log into their accounts - setting their account back to Active by doing so.


Suspended: This status removes login access from the user. Only an administrator can add or remove this status. This status will not display on the member manager page by default. Note, if you are using shared accounts, suspending any of the accounts will suspend all of the accounts. Want to see your suspended members on the member manager page? Filter the page by Also Show Inactive/Suspended Members?



Editing a Member Account

  1. Enter the member's account
  2. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif
  3. Adjust the desired member information
  4. Select to Save
You can update a member's password through their account, but it is best to encourage them to use the Forgot Password link.

To update or adjust an existing member's information first navigate to the member's account. Beside their name you will find the option to Edit Edit-L.gif. Select this to view their current information. Update the fields as desired and select to Save at the bottom of the pop-up.


Deleting a Member Account

  1. Enter the member's account
  2. Select to Delete Delete-L.gif

Deleting a member account requires the member account to not have any invoices and no participant(s). If this is true, you can remove a member's account by navigating to their account page. On this page you will see the option to Delete Delete-L.gif next to their name at the top of the page.


Creating a Member Account

Member accounts can be created in three main ways: public creation, admin creation, and admin importing. All member accounts that are created will display in a list on the Member Manager page.



The standard method of member account creation is via the public. Your Uplifter site is built with a standard sign-up form ready for anyone who wishes to create an account with you. This can be accessed via the Log In link at the top right corner of your site; by attempting to register before logging in; or by navigating to {yoursite}.com/login.

When the public looks to create an account on your site they may do so by filling out the form under the First Time Registering? header.


This form is also presented in a pop-up variation on certain pages.


Want to customize the form and account creation process? You can update your form's wording via Settings > Global Settings > Notifications & Messages > Account Creation Settings section. You can also request more information than what Uplifter ask for automatically using Custom Fields.



  1. Select Add Member
  2. Enter the member's information
  3. Select Save

Administrators can create member accounts from the admin side of the site. On the member manager page, select the option to Add Member from the toolbar.


You can update a member's password through their account, but it is best to encourage them to use the Forgot Password link.

We do recommend that you encourage members to create their own accounts before doing so on their behalf, as this will ensure you have accurate, up-to-date information. Upon selecting Add Member the system will request the member's information. Enter the information in to the respective fields and select Save. Once you have saved the profile the system will send an invitation email to the email address you have provided for the member. Note that you can also create a member account during the invoice creation process!





  1. Select Import Members
  2. Upload your import file
  3. Select Import Data

Administrators can import a list of members into their site for rapid account creation. Please note, we only recommend the importing options for clubs/organizations that have no member listings as of yet. In order to do so you will want to select the Import Members option from the member manager toolbar.


This will offer the option to select a file from your system. It will be important that you offer the system clean, correlated data. If you have pulled a report from another system it is likely you can simply select to import the file. However you can also select the option to Get Import Template. This will download a template Excel file to your system that you can then manipulate and add information to.


During this process you can also import participants as well. Accounts will be uniquely identified by email address, with the final listing being used as the accurate option. As such, this example import:


Would result in a single member account for John Smith with two participants (Joe and Jessica) with the address of 456 Real Street. Note that this also overwrite any member account you may already have for John. As such, importing is only recommended for clubs/organizations that do not have member listings as of yet.

Once you have selected your file the system will display it for you to review. It is at this time that you will have the chance to rectify any issues, including matching columns, updating information, and exporting any changes you have made for you to store outside of the system if you wish.


The system will alert you of any columns that are required, but missing or inaccurately set. For instance, if you import a file that has a column named Parent's Family Name, our system won't automatically connect that. Instead, you can use the cell in the first row to update the column name. Use the drop down under the Parent's Family Name column to select Member Last Name. By doing this (or it's equivalent for the information you are dealing with) the system will remove the associated error.


Once you are happy with the data and have cleared up any errors the system is alerting you to, select Import Data to begin the importing process. Should the system detect any issues during the import it will continue to import as much as it can into the system. Thereafter, it will display the remaining rows with error icons. Hovering over this error will inform you of the issue the system has detected.


Finally, once you have corrected any last issues, select to Import once more and the system will process any last rows. Once completed the system will alert you with a highlighted message "Your file has been successfully imported!".


Member Account

Member accounts contain a slew of information, links, shortcuts and more. To access a member's account, the primary method is to select their name from their member segment located on the Member Manager page. It is also standard for any instance of the member's name on the site to link back to their account for easy and quick access. A member's account is split into four main tabs: [Account], [Calendar], [Participants], and [Invoices]. Note that you can also access and update the member's account information on any of these tabs by selecting the Edit Edit-L.gif option next to their name.




The account page is split into four of it's own tabs: [Account Status], [Family], [Account Details], and [Notes]. All of these are directly correlated to the member and the information attached to the member.



Account Status

Processing multiple payments, even across multiple invoices, using a credit card will mark all of those payments with the same Transaction ID and Approval Code.

On the Account Status tab admins can review owing balances for the member. This page will highlight any balances that have gone into Overdue status, Undeposited status, and Pending status. As and administrator you can use the Apply A Payment option to review and select owing balances in order to process any desired payments. You can also select the Update Payment Method option to alter the expected payment type of any/all payments still pending.



This tab will also give to option to  set the member-specific terms. For more information on member terms and putting members into arrears, please see the Arrears section, below.



On the Family tab admins can add and review family members. A member's participants will be immediately listed, but within this list you will also find other members that have been merged into this member's family. Being part of the same family means you can see each others participants, as well as register them for programs. This is often useful for mothers and fathers that have separate accounts, but wish to use the same participants. Merging accounts is irreversible!

To merge two existing members into a family:

  1. Select Merge Another Account
  2. Find and select the desired member


To create a new member to be merged:

  1. Select Add a New Member OR "Invite another family member"
  2. Enter the member's information
  3. Select Save

By selecting to add a new member the system will prompt you for that member's information. Once you have filled out the member information and selected to save and invitation will be sent to the member's email. By following the link within the email the member can create their account and be automatically merged into the initial member's account.


Account Details

You can Delete additional addresses on a member's account, but you can never remove the primary address.

On the [Account Details] page you can review and edit the member's information. You can also select to update their mailing preferences (note that admins can only opt a member out of a list). At the bottom of the page you will find the account associated addresses. You can add a new address by selecting Add Address at the bottom of the page. Each address listed will be an option for the member to select from during checkout.




The [Notes] page can be used to add notes to the member account. Please note, members cannot see the notes you have added to their account, but notes cannot be removed from an account. For more information on notes and other tools to communicate, please see our article Communication Tools.



The [Calendar] page offers admins a customized calendar for the member being viewed. This page will show any/all programs that the member's participants have registered for as events on a calendar - similar to the Dashboard. Note that this calendar is also available to the member through their My Account access.



The [Participants] page offers admins the ability to create, edit, and delete participants within the member's account.


Create A Participant Profile

  1. Navigate to the member's account > Participants
  2. Select Add New Participant
  3. Enter the profile information
  4. Select Add Participant

To create a new participant profile on a member's account, navigate to the [Participants] tab of their account. Select Add New Participant from the toolbar and fill in the participant's information. Select Add Participant to save the new profile.


Edit A Participant Profile

  1. Navigate to the member's account > Participants
  2. Select the desired participant profile
  3. Update the information as desired
  4. Select Update

To edit a participant profile from a member's account, navigate to the [Participant] tab of their account. Select the desired participant to enter their participant profile. Update the information as desired and select Update to save the changes.


Delete A Participant Profile

  1. Navigate to the member's account > Participants
  2. Select Delete Delete-L.gif

To delete an unwanted participant profile from a member's account, navigate to the Participants tab of their account. Select the Delete Delete-L.gif option next to their participant profile listing. Note, however, that a participant may not be present on any invoices for the option to delete to be present.



The Invoices page offers a listing of all the member's invoices. From this page you can add a new invoice, and edit/view a current invoice. This page acts like an invoice manager page that has been filtered to a single member.



Member Account Actions

Now that you have member accounts on your site there are member-specific actions that you can take to affect their accounts.



If a member has fallen behind in making a required payment, administrators can choose to put their account in "arrears". This will prevent that member from checking out and registering in further programs until their account has the arrears status removed.

When a member attempts to register while in arrears, they will be prompted with the message below during the Registration Review phase. Note how the Confirm and Register button is not available.



Enable The Arrears Feature

  1. Navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options]
  2. Scroll down to the Invoicing Settings section
  3. Update the arrears settings as desired
  4. Select Save All

To use the arrears feature, you must first enable this feature in the global settings. To do so, navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options]. Here you will find the arrears settings under the Invoicing Settings section.


Term (in days): The number of days before a payment goes from pending to overdue.
Disallow Online Registration if Member is In Arrears: By enabling this members who are in arrears will not be able to register for any further programs without being cleared of their owing payments.

Note: Should you leave the field blank while enabling Arrears, those who pay offline will be immediately put into arrears. This could have negative effects on your sales and registrations so it is important to find an acceptable balance. Many clubs would utilize standards of 15, 30, or 60 days.


Customizing Arrears For a Specific Member

  1. Navigate to the member's account page
  2. Select the Account Status tab
  3. Select Edit Terms from the toolbar
  4. Update the terms as desired
  5. Select Save

If you would like to customize the term length for specific members you may do so via their member account. First, navigate to the member's account in question. Next, select their [Account Status] tab, then click ​ Terms from the toolbar. Enter your desired value for the terms of this member and select Save to keep your changes.


Disable the Arrears Feature

  1. Navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options]
  2. Scroll down to the Invoicing Settings section
  3. Uncheck the Disallow Online Registration if Member is In Arrears setting
  4. Select Save All 

To disable this feature globally navigate to Settings > Uplifter Settings > [Site Options]. On this page, scroll to the Invoicing Settings section and find the "Disallow Online Registration if Member is In Arrears" setting. Uncheck the setting and select Save All at the bottom of the page.


Duplicate Members

In instances where a member has created more than one account there are two methods of dealing with the duplicate. If the member has not used one of the accounts (there are no invoices) simply navigate to the account that has not been used and select to Delete the account.

However, if the account has been used (there are invoice) then you will want to "void" the account. This involves navigating to the member's account and selecting to Edit Edit-L.gif the account information. Remove all personal information from all fields. Next, enter in random or void information. Note that some fields require specific formats, like email. In these instances simply add information in that format, but still impersonal, such as You will also want to update the password to random characters so that the user cannot access the account.


Member Message List: Opt In/Out

  1. Navigate to the member's account
  2. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif the member's account information
  3. Update the Message List options as desired
  4. Select Save

To opt a member out of a mailing list on their behalf, first navigate to their member account. Select to Edit Edit-L.gif the member's account and scroll to the Message Lists section. Select the desired list(s) you wish to opt the member out of. Select Save to keep your changes. Note that admins cannot opt a user in to a message list, only out. For more information on this and other communication tools, please see our article Communication Tools.



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