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Using the Check In Feature


The Check In feature gives users the ability to track the time of activities commonly related to coaching and club management.  This feature is found at the top of the page and is available to users with the User Check In permission.

Granting Access to Use Check In

For users to have access to the Check In feature and admin must first assign the User Check In permission. For more information on how to allot a user permissions please see our article STEP-ONE-Create-Permission-Groups.

Using Check In

The Check In feature functions like a stop watch allowing you monitor the time spent on the site. Selecting Check In will start the counter. At any time while the clock is running you can mouse over the clock icon to see the time the clock was started.

To stop the clock and create your timed session click Check Out

View Check-In Logs

From the Administrator Panel select Reports. Select the Shift Tracking Report. Select from the available filters to customize your report as desired. Next, under Generate Report select how you would like to view the log reports. You can pick an Microsoft Excel file, CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Preview on-screen on your browser.

View Check-In Logs with Calendar

All users with the User Check In permission can view their 'shifts' on their personal account calendar. To view your shift entries select My Account > Calendar. Entries labelled "Shift" on the calendar are created by the Check In clock.

An example of a selected calendar entry.

Click anywhere on the screen to close the Shift window.

Editing Check-In Logs

Navigate to Admin > People & Accounts > Member Accounts. Next select the Member's Calendar and find the "Shift" entry you wish to edit and select it. Click inside the field you wish to update, either the starting time "Start" or the ending time "End". Update the entry as desired then select Done.

 Delete a Shift Entry

Open your website to Admin > People & Accounts > Member Accounts then select the Member with the entry you wish to delete. Open their calendar and find the "Shift entry" you wish to delete and select it. Once it opens clicks Delete.

Note: The Override User Check In permission is required to delete and update shift entries.

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