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Non-Uplifter Tips & Tricks



Many users of Uplifter are volunteers being placed into positions, or team members who have otherwise not used an online registration system before. As such, many of our users are not 'tech savvy'. This is nothing to be embarrassed about - you have to start somewhere! Even the most adept tech expert had to ask lots of questions to get where they are today. This article lists a few of the more common questions we've received from our users about things not necessarily concerning the Uplifter system.


How Do I Use This Page?

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we receive from our users. Each question is displayed as a grey box. To view the answer to that question simply left click anywhere on they grey box. This will expand the section and show you the answer. You can also click the grey box again to hide the answer if you'd like.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser should I use?

For the best experience we highly recommend using Google's Chrome. Other fine alternatives include Apple's Safari (suggested for Mac only) and Mozilla's Firefox. We do not recommend using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge.

How can I increase the size of the text?

PC: If you are using a PC you can hold Ctrl and use your mouse scroll wheel to adjust the 'zoom' level of your screen. This will make the font size larger or smaller as desired.

Mac: If you are using a Mac you can hold Options + Command + Plus Sign (+)/Minus Sign (-) to zoom in and out.

How do I add Uplifter as a bookmark?

Creating a bookmark within your browser may differ slightly than the steps outlined below. However, nearly all browsers will follow these same steps.
  1. Navigate to the desired site
  2. Press Ctrl + D, or select the Add Bookmark icon chromeStar.png at the far left of the URL bar (where you add your site address)
  3. Enter/update the Name for your bookmark and adjust any Folder options (we recommend you select Bookmarks Bar)
  4. Select Done



Community Suggested Tools

At times, certain elements or assets may require action to be taken on them before introducing them into Uplifter. This may require a third-party software. Though we do not support or endorse any specific softwares for these jobs, below is a list of community suggestions for various tools you may find useful.

Adjusting/Editing Photos

  • Pixlr - a free, online image editing tool. Great for basic to intermediate photo editing needs.
  • BeFunky - a free, online image editing too. A more modern feel and interface. Will feel quite familiar to those who use Instagram and Snapchat.

HTML Editing

  • W3: HTML - a free, online training tool. An excellent resource for those venturing into the Source Code of their page editors. Additional resources for other languages/scripts are also available.

Screen Capturing/Troubleshooting

  • Greenshot - a free screen capture tool. Highly useful, easy to use, and some basic editing tools make this a must have for capturing those hard-to-explain scenarios.
  • Snipping Tool - if you have Windows 10 you should also have their built in Snipping Tool. To find it, simply select the Windows icon in the bottom left, then begin typing Snipping Tool. It should display at the top of the list for your use.
  • Loom - a free, online screen recording tool. This exists solely as a Chrome extension presently. With an ever expanding arsenal of tools, Loom is a great free option to record your interactions with our site or any other.

If you have more tips or suggestions that you would like to share with the community please feel free to forward them to for consideration.


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