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Uplifter Referral Program



Share an uplifting experience today! Refer another organization to Uplifter and get $10 OFF* your monthly plan fee for 6 MONTHS after they enable live registrations. PLUS, the organization you refer will get $10 OFF* their monthly plan fee for 6 MONTHS too!
*See conditions and limitations below


How It Works

  1. Login as an administrator to your Uplifter system and click the Refer & Save link at the bottom of your navigation sidebar.


  2. Complete the referral form, including the name and email of the organization you’re referring, and then click SEND.
  3. The organization you’ve referred will automatically receive a unique referral link. They must click that link to start their free account in order for you to qualify for the referral discount.
  4. Your monthly referral discount will begin after the referred club enables live registrations and Uplifter issues their first invoice.


Uplifter Referral Program Conditions & Limitations

  1. To qualify for Uplifter’s referral program, the referring client must have an existing Uplifter account under a current plan* in good standing.
  2. Participation in Uplifter’s referral program is only eligible for newly referred accounts created after December 1st, 2019. Referrals cannot be backdated.
  3. All referrals must be validated using the unique referral link provided to each organization. Referrals cannot be made after the referred organization creates their Uplifter account.
  4. There are no limits on the number of organizations that a client can refer.
  5. The referring client will receive a discount of $10.00 off their monthly invoice for six (6) months beginning after the issuance of the referred organization’s first invoice. The referred organization will likewise receive an introductory discount of $10.00 off their monthly invoice for six (6) months beginning with their first invoice. Please note: A first invoice is issued approximately one (1) month after a client enables live registrations on Uplifter.
  6. Accounts cannot receive credits owing and discounts can only be used once. Partial discounts will not be carried over to another month.
  7. If a discount cannot be applied to an invoice, that discount will automatically be applied to the next applicable monthly invoice.
  8. Discounts are not transferable into cash.
  9. The referred organization must enable live registrations within 60 days of starting their Uplifter account to be eligible for their introductory discount.
  10. If the referred organization cancels their Uplifter club software account, any remaining monthly discounts for the referring organization will be discontinued.
  11. Uplifter reserves the right to deny a referral discount if either the referred or referring client is not a legal business engaging Uplifter Inc. in good faith.
  12. Uplifter’s referral program is subject to change at any time, under the sole discretion of Uplifter Inc.. Questions about Uplifter’s referral program can be directed to


*Current plans include Uplifter LITE, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Enterprise, Competition, Start Up** and Step Up** plans. Grandfathered plans opened prior to May 1, 2016 require updating in order to qualify for the Uplifter's referral program.

** Start Up and Step Up plans no longer available


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