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From Start to Finish - a Timeline



This article will offer a general outline and overview of all elements within the setup of an Uplifter site. Included are some common timelines, but please note that these are estimates and your experience and timelines may differ. For each step involved you can find more information in our supplied articles. 


Sign Up

Approximate Time: 10 minutes

  1. Sign-up your club at
  2. Be taken to your new Uplifter site immediately 

Create Your Member Account

Approximate Time: 1 minute

Upon signing up your club/organization you will be immediately brought to your Uplifter site. At this time the system will request that you create your account. 

Log In as Administrator

Approximate Time: 10 seconds

Once you have created your account you will be immediately logged in. Any instance thereafter:
  1. To log in as administrator, navigate to your Uplifter site, located at {yourclub}
  2. Select the Login option at the top right and use your email and password to log in
  3. Select My Account > Admin to continue to the administrative side of the site

Configure Your Uplifter System

Approximate Time: 1 - 7 days

  1. Be sure to invite your team to create accounts and join you in the setup!
  2. Begin setting up your site and it's various elements, starting with the eight basic steps contained in our Quick Start Guide article.
  3. Once the basics are in place you will want to move to more advanced elements

This step is where clubs will see the most variation in their timelines. The setup process depends heavily on the amount of data you need to setup within the system, the number of members you have working on the setup, and the amount of time each member has to offer to the process. 

Please note that we are always available to assist with any questions or concerns at

Begin Your Online Payment Application

Approximate Time: 1 - 2 days

  1. Connect with our dedicated representative for the payment merchant/gateway of your choice.
  2. Follow through on the beginning elements of the application 

This step can be performed in tandem with Configure Your Uplifter System and, in general, should not technically add to your overall timeline. Often it is best to assign a specific team member to see this process through.

The basic elements of setup can be found in our article(s) Bambora / BrainTree. Please note, you will want to complete these steps before going live. If you plan or require to do so after going live, please review our article Bambora - Launching Before Your Account Is Ready.

Complete Your Online Payment Application

Approximate Time: 1 day

  1. Once you have your online payment account you will need to connect it to your Uplifter site
  2. These steps often involve you navigating through the payment gateway's administrative site as well. 
  3. After connection and confirmation you are ready to test your payment gateway (see: Test, Test, and Test Again as well)
  4. Once happy with the process set your online payment account to live (often done just before Set A Launch Date and Go Live!)

The final steps of setting up your online payment gateway involve connecting your account to your Uplifter site and testing. Once you are happy with your online payment gateway, and you are ready to go live with your site, you will want to contact your gateway provider and set your account to live. This is separate from your Uplifter site and you must also set your Uplifter site to live in order to complete going live. 

This step can be performed in tandem with Configure Your Uplifter System and, in general, should not technically add to your overall timeline. Often it is best to assign a specific team member to see this process through.

For more information on these steps, please see our article(s) Bambora / BrainTree

Create Your Club Content

Approximate Time: 1 - 5 days

By the end of this step you should feel fairly confident in your back end setup and content. You should have your programs in place and ready to be offered at the beginning of your next season, with all desired discounts and stipulations in place.

This step connects with the previous Configure Your Uplifter System, but will extend your overall timeline.

Build Your Public Webpages

Approximate Time: 1 - 3 days

  • With your main content in place you will want to begin to build the public side of your site - the side that your members and participants will interact with
  • Using our article Public Website Management you can craft your site into something you are proud to show off and link to!

This step is often best assigned to a specific member who can focus on the front end design of your site. If this is the case, it can be accomplished in tandem with the aforementioned elements. If not, this step will add to your overall timeline.  

Test, Test, and Test Again!

Approximate Time: 1 - 3 days

  1. Test your site thoroughly! Note that you can set your payment gateway to 'test mode' by contacting your gateway provider and your Uplifter site is in 'test mode' by default. This means you can test every element of your site without permanence.
  2. Test your online payments (if enabled) and get conformable with how these transactions display in your online gateway account as well
  3. Test the registration process from beginning to end as a member
  4. Test the registration process from beginning to end as an admin, from the admin side
  5. Test various payment outcomes, like declined payments, late payments, overdue payments and setting members to be in arrears. 
  6. Test the refund process using all payment methods (especially online payments, if enabled)
  7. Test how your discounts are working and ensure they are not applying at undesired times
  8. See our full checklist in our article Going Live and our comprehensive article Testing Your Uplifter Site

Once you are happy with the testing you have performed you can clear your test registrations

Update Your DNS

Approximate Time: 1 - 2 days

  • If you are using your own domain you will want to update your DNS as a penultimate step
  • Updating your DNS can consist of using Uplifter as a subdomain, or as your main domain. Our article How Connecting Your Site(s) will walk you through the steps involved.
  • Please let us know if you are adjusting your DNS settings so that we may take the required actions on our side as well, including installing your SSL certificate

This is one of the more technical steps and may fall a little (or a lot) outside of your comfort zone when it comes to technology. Not to worry though, our support team is always available to help you at

Set a Launch Date and Go Live!

Approximate Time: 3 days

  • Finally, set a launch date that exists at least 3 business days in advance
  • Before this date you will want to contact your payment gateway provider to set your gateway to 'live' status; purge your test data; set your Uplifter site to live; and let us know the day you expect to receive your first round of registrations

Start Uplifting!

Overall Approximate Time: 6 - 25 days

You are now live and ready to take registrations! 




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