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Rowan's Law



Rowan's Law helps athletes and their families understand the risks involved with sports, particularly pertaining to concussions. With this important law passed clubs will now need to ensure they meet the law's requirements when registering their participants.


Rowan's Law Requirements

With the passing of Rowan' Law sports clubs and organizations now need to receive two-fold confirmation from their members/participants that they have read and accept/acknowledge the information. The first confirmation must come from the athlete themselves, while the second must come from the parent/guardian of the athlete (if under 18).

Clubs and organizations will need to be able to report on these confirmations at any time as audits will be common place to ensure all entities are maintaining the requirements.

Please be sure to read this document carefully, but note that the below items are recommendations. Your club's/organization's compliance with this law falls on you/your administrative team. If you are unsure, or wish to verify your process, please contact your sport's governing body's office and/or discuss the language you've chosen with a lawyer.


Club Expectations

As noted above, clubs and organizations will need to receive acceptance/acknowledgement from the athlete as well as the parent/guardian (for athletes under 18). How you present these policies to be accepted and submitted to your club will depend on your preferences. Please see the options below.

It is very important to note that the phrasing you use within your policies, and how you implement this law will determine your compliance with the law. The responsibility of these elements fall solely on your organization. The below section, Compliance Options Within Uplifter, should be used for example purposes only. We recommend you consult your sport's governing body and/or obtain legal advice to assure that the wording and your application of these requirements comply with the new law.


A Dedicated Public Page For Rowan's Law

While not directly required, we do recommend creating a dedicated page on your public site to convey information about Rowan's Law. This can include what the law is, why it was enacted, and links to further information. It should also include a download link to the Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form and your Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes and Parents/Guardians for printing.

Please see our article Public Website Management for steps on creating pages and adding a file for download.


Compliance Options Within Uplifter

Offline Only

An offline only setup would offer a downloadable form that users can download and print on their own volition. They would then need to bring this signed form into your club's office before being able to attend any classes/events.

For best results, we recommend the offline only method uses a mandatory policy which speaks to the requirements. It can then offer a download link (directly within the policy) for users to access the Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form for Athletes and Parents/Guardians form. We also recommend you offer this form outside of the policy you create so that users can access the form and information at any time.

Please see our article Policies for steps on creating a policy and Public Website Management: Add A File For Download for steps on how to add a file that users can download and print.

Half Online Half Offline

One of the trickiest elements surrounding the required forms is that the athlete acceptance must be directly accepted by the athlete. That is, a parent/guardian cannot accept on behalf of the participant. As such, for athletes under 18, a "half and half" solution may be desirable.

For this solution your club would offer the parent/guardian acceptance/acknowledgement online through a standard mandatory policy within Uplifter. For the athlete, however, you would have a secondary policy stating that they must print off a form, sign it, and hand it in on their next visit. In this way you can feel confident that the signature/acceptance you receive is from the athlete directly and that they have reviewed it.

Please see our article Policies for steps on creating a policy and Public Website Management: Add A File For Download for steps on how to add a file that users can download and print.

Online Only

For clubs/organizations that offer adult only/18+ classes and events the online only option is quite viable. This would entail creating a single policy for the athlete/member to accept at the time of registration - so long as the athlete is the one registering.

For clubs who offer programs to athletes younger than 18, things are a little different. Online only acknowledgement is possible. However, in order to obtain a distinct acceptance from both athlete and parent/guardian, you would need to ensure that both users create a member account on your site.

This means that you would have to enforce the parent/guardian signing in, registering their athlete, and accepting their end of the policy. Then having the athlete create a member account, add a $0 "Accept Policy" product to cart, and accept their end of the policy as well. This may be onerous to comply with the under-18 athlete acknowledgement requirements and would not be conducive to encouraging the new culture surrounding concussion education. Though, this would be the only method to complete the online-only option.


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