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This article is focused on the creation, editing, understanding, and manipulation of participant profiles on your Uplifter site. Many elements of a participant's profile will extend to other pieces of your site, so it will be important to thoroughly understand participant profiles to ensure your success.

The Participants page is found by navigating to People & Accounts > Participants. In order to access the Participants page you will need the following permissions: Admin, Edit Participants

Additional/Alternative permissions may include: Can Perform Evaluations, View Program Participants, View Program Participants (All), View Participants (Coach Specific).

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What Is a Participant Profile?

Participant profiles in Uplifter generally refer to the profile created by the child or attending athlete. It can, however, link back to the member themselves if they are participating in programs. A participant's profile will contain athlete information, a list of registered programs, a custom calendar, achievement and goal tracking, evaluations, and a snapshot of the participant's progress.



  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > [Look & Feel] tab
  2. Update your desired nomenclature under "Terminology"
  3. Select Save All

More Information

Participant profiles are always referred to as "profiles" in Uplifter. This is to differentiate them from member "accounts". The term "participant" can be updated, however. To do so navigate to Settings > Global Settings > [Look & Feel] tab. Scroll down to the "Terminology" section and update the terms you wish (be sure to add both an English and a French term if your site is bilingual). Be sure to select Save All at the bottom of the page to keep any desired changes. 


For regional/section organizations you may wish to change members to "clubs" or similar. 


Participant Manager

The participant manager page is your centralized hub to review all things participants. Here, you can get a great overview of the participants within your site with a list of their participants and basic member information. When you first navigate to People & Accounts > Participants you'll be greeted by a list of your participants.


For each participant your club/organization has you will see a participant segment. These participant segments will offer you the participant name, member information, category/category level, and custom participant field data. They will also offer a shortcut to View View-L.gif that participant's profile in more detail.



Editing a Participant Profile

  1. Enter the participant's profile
  2. Update the information as desired
  3. Select Update

To update or adjust an existing participant's profile first navigate to the participant's profile. Once in the profile, all information will be accessible to edit as desired. Once you are happy with the changes select Update to keep them.

Batch Update Participant Profiles

  1. Select Batch Update
  2. Download a template with your current data, if needed
  3. Update the data as desired
  4. Use the file browser to upload the updated file to the system
  5. Click Upload

This process overwrites your current data. You must ensure your final import file is accurate and up-to-date before proceeding! You may wish to pull another template file just before uploading to verify the most current data.

To update your existing participants en masse, please click the Batch Update option along the toolbar. In the pop-up select "Get Import Template With Current Participants" to download a copy of your site's current data. Update this file as you see fit, then use the pop-up's file browser to find and upload the file. Click Upload to finalize the process.

Please note, this importing process requires the participant ID to be present. This process cannot be used to create new participants - for this, please use the member import feature.

Deleting a Participant Profile

  1. Enter the member account of the participant in question
  2. Select the [Participants] tab
  3. Select to Delete Delete-L.gif the undesired participant

To remove and unwanted participant profile you must first navigate to the member account that owns the profile. To do so, navigate to People & Accounts > Member Accounts and use the Participant Name filter to find the respective member account. Enter the account and navigate to the [Participants] tab. Here you will find a list of all participants under the account. If the profile has not been used on an invoice you will see the option to Delete Delete-L.gif. If you do not see this option the profile is in use and adjustments must be made. If this is the case, please see the Duplicate Participants section below.


Creating a Participant Profile

Participant profiles can be created in three main ways: public creation, admin creation, and admin importing. All participant profiles that are created will display in a list on the Participant Manager page.


The standard method of participant profile creation is via your members. During member account creation, members will have the option to mark themselves as a participant if they wish to register for programs. 


Alternatively, and more commonly, once they have created their member account they can add their desired participants through My Account > [Participants].


You can also request more information than what Uplifter ask for automatically. To do so, please see our article Custom Fields.


  1. Select your desired member
  2. Navigate to the [Participants] tab
  3. Select Add-L.gif Add New Participant
  4. Enter the participant's information
  5. Select Add Participant

Administrators can create participant profiles from the admin side of the site. On the member manager page, select the desired member you wish to make a profile under. Select the [Participants] tab, then select the option to Add-L.gif Add New Participant from the toolbar. 


We do recommend that you encourage members to create their own participant profiles before you do so on their behalf, as this will ensure you have accurate, up-to-date information. Upon selecting ​ Add New Participant the system will request the participant's information. Enter the information into the respective fields and select to Add Participant. Once you have saved the profile it will be ready for use for registrations. Note that you can also make participant profiles directly on the invoice page!



  1. Navigate to People & Accounts > Member Accounts
  2. Select Import Members
  3. Upload your desired file, including any SKUs
  4. Correct any data
  5. Select Import Data
  6. Complete your order, if SKUs were included

For those clubs and organizations on the Enterprise tier of Uplifter, your members and admins will have access to the participant import tools. This tool allows users to import a list of participants to be added to their account. During this process, users may also add SKUs to their import file. If they do, these SKUs (assuming they are valid) will be added to their cart, associated with the aligned participant. Multiple SKUs can be added to the same cell and comma separated. 

For more information on the importing process please see our article Members - Importing


Participant Profile

Participant profiles contain all relevant information pertaining to the participant and their athletic progress. To access a participant's account, the primary method is to select their name from their participant segment located on the Participant Manager. It is also standard for any instance of a participant's name on the site to link back to their profile for quick and easy access. A participant's profile is split into seven main tabs: Profile, Calendar, Message Board, Achievements, Development Goals, Evaluations, and Snapshot View. Note that the participant's [Profile] tab is access by selecting their name from the top segment.



The calendar page is participant-specific calendar that will list all programs and events that the participant has signed up for. Note that this page is also accessible to members through their account (My Account > [Participants] > select participant > [Calendar]).


Message Board

The participant message board hosts a listing of all public news posts your club has issued. It is also a direct forum for notes and messages to your participants. Note that you cannot remove posts from the participant message board. For more information on participant message boards, as well as other communication tools at your disposal, please see our article Communication Tools.



The achievements page is the participant-specific hub for all things achievements. On this page you will be able to review your club's achievement listings as they align with your categories. You can also manage the participant's achievements and accomplishments through this page. Note that this page is also accessible to members through their account (My Account > [Participants] > select participant > [Achievements]).




Each participant's Achievement page will have three accessible views. Each view will offer a different perspective on the current state of the participant's progress. You can set the default view via Settings > Global Settings > [Look & Feel] > "Default Tabs".

Completed View: the Completed View will display your categories and category levels as you have structured them via Settings > Categories. However, the achievements of the participant will display under the category level they were 'in progress' in when the achievement was accomplished. Note, however, that if you have tagged your achievement with a category level this will override and place the accomplished achievement under the tagged category level.
List View: the List View will display groups of achievements based on tags you have applied to the achievements. This is a great way to package your achievements in a variety of ways without altering the core structure behind your category levels and achievements. You can then track the progress of specific groupings of achievements.
Requirements View: the Requirements View will display your categories and category levels as you have structured them via Settings > Categories. However, the achievements of the participant will be displayed under the category level(s) that requires them. 


Updating Category Levels

  1. Select the desired category level
  2. Update the progress information as desired
  3. Select Edit Status to save

To update a participant's category levels select the category level listing in question. This will open a menu where you can update the category level information as desired. Once happy with the changes be sure to select Edit Status to save.



Updating Achievements

  1. Select to Add Add-L.gif next to the desired category level
  2. Add the desired achievement
  3. Select Add Achievement

To update a participant's achievements select the Add Add-L.gif option next to the desired category level. This will open a menu where you can begin to type the name of your desired achievement and select it from the suggestions. Thereafter, set the date of the achievement and confirm the category level the participant was in during the achievement. Once happy, select Add Achievement.


Development Goals

The development goals page offers instructors and admins the ability to assign and track participant-specific goals. This is a great way to encourage and monitor an individual participant as they progress. Note that this page is also accessible to members through their account (My Account > [Participants] > select participant > [Development Goals]).



Assign a Goal

  1. Select Assign A Goal
  2. Enter the goal details
  3. Select Save

To assign a goal to a participant select the Assign A Goal button. This opens a pop-up that allows you to select a goal by beginning to type the goal name and selecting it from the suggestions. Each goal then requires a Start Date and End Date to be assigned, setting a defined timeline to aim for the accomplishment of the goal. Select Save to keep the goal. You can also Edit Edit-L.gif and Delete Delete-L.gif assigned goals by selecting the options to the right of the goal. Note that any goal you wish to add must first be added as an achievement to the system via Settings > Achievements.



Mark a Goal

  1. Use the drop down to select the goal status
  2. Select Mark Goals

Once a participant has been assigned goals you may wish to mark said goals. To do so, use the drop downs located to the left of each goal listing to select the goal status. Once happy with your changes select Mark Goals to save. Once saved, the goal will display a History AttemptHistory-A.png icon that will display past marks. If desired you can mark a goal more than once and the history of marks will be kept. Once a goal has been met and no longer needs to be marked you can opt to Delete Delete-L.gif the goal from the listings. 



The [Evaluations] page offers a review of all evaluations the participant has been a part of. The drop down menu will list: Unpublished Evaluations - those that have not been verified and set to visible for the participant to view (unless you toggle the settings to do so); Current Evaluations - all published evaluations for the participant; Summarized By Program - a compilation of marks received during a specific program.


Snapshot View

The snapshot view page is a fantastic way for you and your participants to review a visual representation of their achievements. By hovering over the achievements you can review the accomplishment information and, as a whole, can view the progression of accomplishments. 



Duplicate Participants

Duplicate participants profiles can cause confusion among your members as well as your admins. As there is no method to completely halt someone from creation as many accounts and profiles as they would like, it will be important for you to perform regular account and profile maintenance. For multiple member accounts please see our article Members - Duplicate Member Accounts.


Finding Duplicates

Duplicate profiles can be found by navigating to People & Accounts > Participants and sorting the page by last name. Alternatively, you may casually stumble upon duplicate profiles when dealing with invoices and member accounts.

Once you have found an instance of duplicate profiles you will want to track down (using the Participant filter on the Participants page) all instances of the participant. Open each instance in a separate tab and note the participant id, found at the end of the URL when on the participant's profile.


Consolidating Duplicates

Once you have all instances of a participant's duplicates you will want to determine who is the duplicate. To do so, follow the member link in each profile to navigate to the member account (be sure to keep the participant pages open). At most, you will have one member account per participant profile, but likely there will be more than one on each member account you find. 

Under Different Accounts

Select the member with the highest number of invoices on their account. This will be the account that you retain. This also means that one of the participant profile you retain must be one of the instances under this member's account.

You are now ready to begin recreating invoice. To do so, select an invoice from one of the duplicate member accounts and match it on a 1:1 relationship under the member account you will be retaining (the "main" account). You will want to pay for this new invoice via "cash". Once you have done so, you can Delete Delete-L.gif all items from the initial invoice and refund to "cash". Make sure to note the change. 

Do this for all invoices that are not under the main member account. Once you have recreated all invoices you can begin to remove the duplicates. To remove the participants, navigate to duplicate member accounts > [Participants] tab, then select to Delete Delete-L.gif the participants.

You are now ready to "void" the duplicate member accounts, as noted in Members - Duplicate Member Accounts.

Under the Same Account

Should you find that all duplicate participant profiles are listed under a single member account, you are in luck! Navigate to the member account > [Participant] tab and select one of the participant's profiles at your discretion. Update the name of the participant to anything you would like and select to Update the profile.

Once completed, you can now move through the member's invoices and find any instance of the newly updated version of the participant. For each instance you find (whether in a program or a subscription) you will want to Edit Edit-L.gif the item and use the participant drop down to select the correct version of the participant.

Once all invoices are devoid of any listings of the erroneous participant profile you can then navigate to the member account > [Participant] tab and select to Delete Delete-L.gif the unwanted participant(s).


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