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Your site settings pages are where you can define various custom settings for your club's Uplifter installation. You can also review and update your account and membership information with Uplifter. We use common default values when first setting up your club. As such, you should review and edit where necessary.

Available On:
Some features in this article may only be available on certain tiers.


Uplifter Settings

The Uplifter Settings page is found by navigating to Settings > Uplifter Settings. In order to access the Uplifter Settings page, and all of it's features, you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manage System Settings, Manage Merchant Credentials.

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Site Options


Registration Status: This checkbox denotes your club's status regarding live registrations. Before this is enabled, all invoices will have a notice "THIS EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT FROM A TEST SYSTEM!". Once you have enabled your club's live status by marking the checkbox and saving the page, this notice will be removed. If you have accidentally enabled this status please contact to renege. 

E-Mail Verification: This checkbox will enable email verification, which will require users to verify their new member accounts within 48 hours. This is done by creating a member account, receiving a verification email to the specified email account, then using the link within said email to complete the verification process.

Please note, this feature will be enabled by default on all new sites (after Nov 22, 2018), while current sites will have the ability to enable the feature at their discretion. Once enabled, this feature cannot be disabled.

Please see our article Communication Tools: E-Mail Verification for more information.

Localization Settings: 

  • Time Zone: This section allows you to set your timezone.
  • Site Language(s): Uplifter offers both English and French. Enabling both languages will allow members to toggle their preferences in their user profile. However, until they have logged in and done so, the site will default to their browser's language settings. 
  • Supported Countries: Uplifter offers address support for all countries. This support currently does not verify address information/format for countries outside of North America. Mark each desired country your club wishes to support to add the country as an option during member account creation. 

Participant Creation:

  • Duplicate Participant Profiles: Some Uplifter tiers will have the option to toggle how duplicate accounts are handled within the system. Allow Duplicates will let anyone create a participant profile with similar or identical information without issue. Prevent Duplicates, however, will prevent duplicate profiles from being created based on standard fields (First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdate), as well as specialized fields (SC Number, GO Number, and any custom field marked with "Participant Identifier Field on Import" in their Where does this field appear settings).

Birthdate/Age & Editable Settings:

  • Genders: Create and customize the genders you would like to offer within your club's site. Each gender requires a public facing name (Gender), a gender code for reports (Code) and, if associated with an affiliate, a binary gender. Note that this binary gender requirement is due to the design of many databases and systems which do not allow for alternative genders during submission of participants.
  • Field Edit Permissions: This section offers three options to toggle at your discretion: Allow Members to Update their Participant's Gender; Allow Member to Update their Participant's Birthdate; and Allow Corporate Members to Update their Company Name (Corporate tier only). You will want to consider the implications of each, especially if you have age or gender restrictions on your programs.
  • Birthdate & Age Rules: Set your preferences for whether or not members must enter a birthdate to create an account (participants must always do so).
  • Maximum Age for Tax Receipts: Set the maximum age for tax receipts. The default for Canada is 15 which will include the first day that the participant reaches the age of 16.

Account Settings:

  • Share Accounts: Toggle how family/group accounts are displayed, interacted with, and reported against. This is specifically in terms of the member/participants page, being able to see each included member's invoices and use their gift certificates, and financial reporting.
  • Invitation Expiry: Set the number of days before an emailed invitation to create/complete an account expires.

Instructor Settings:

  • Instructor Program Expiry: Restrict the amount of time an instructor has access to participant profiles based on program end date. Leaving this field blank allows instructors limitless access. 
  • Disable Instructor Dropdown: Toggle the display of the Instructor Dropdown during participant account creation. Note, instructors must already be added to the system to be offered. 

Invoice Settings:

  • Invoice Item Detail Locking: The maximum number of days in which an invoice line may be edited. Setting this to 0 means invoices cannot be edited. Leaving it blank means they can be edited indefinitely. This is enacted at a per line level on each invoice. (see: Invoice Item Locking)
  • Cart Expiry Time: Control the length of time before a member's cart expires and purges all selected items. This is 30 minutes by default.
  • Checkout Options: Set your desired checkout options and change which elements the site automates.
    • Invoice Total Threshold: Set a default value at which the site will automatically select the installments option for the purchase in question. Members can still opt to pay all at once if preferred. Note that installments must be set for the program before this feature will initiate.
    • Default Use Credit: Set how the site automates the use of credit. No selection will give members complete control over their usage of gift certificates. Default Checked will mark the use of gift certificates (if available) but can be unchecked if desired by the member. Always Apply will mark the use of the gift certificate balance and not allow the member to unmark the option.
  • Default Terms and Accounts In Arrears: The maximum number of days until a payment is considered in arrears. Leaving the field blank or entering 0 will make any pending payment immediately in arrears. You can then toggle whether this status will restrict future registrations for the entire family (To learn more, see: Members - Arrears).
  • Account Payments: Toggle whether or not you would like to allow partial payments to be accepted from members. If allowed, members can log into the system to pay upcoming owing amounts piece by piece. Arrears settings still apply based on the original payment settings.

Site Affiliation: This is a Skate Canada specific feature that will allow clubs to determine the amount of information that is sent to Skate Canada when participants are submitted for Skate Canada Memberships. This section populates once your club's Skate Canada number is provided to Uplifter support. If you have missed this step, please feel free to forward your club Skate Canada number to

Uplifter Plan


Uplifter Account Address: Your club's Uplifter associated address information. Including your desired email address to which all Uplifter-to-club invoices will be issued.

Uplifter Support Contact: Your club's primary contact point for This is the only contact that emergency account access requests are accepted from.

Uplifter Billing Plan: Details on your current plan tier, contract expiry, and rate plan. This section will also indicate any paid setup fee/pre-payment along with your selected plan's base rate. If your plan is set to expire soon (or if you are running on a month to month basis) you can also select a desired prepayment option. Alternatively, selecting "Interested in switching your Uplifter plan?" will allow you to change your tier.

Global Payment Details



  • Currency: The type of currency your site will use for all product and program prices.
  • Payment Intervals: The payment intervals that will be allowed when setting up installment payments for your club's programs (Note: specific installment payment schedules are set by club administrators on a program-by-program basis).

Taxes: Learn more about adding taxes to your site in the section below, Taxes.

Merchant Details


Merchant Details: The current name and transaction prefix of your merchant account. For standard clubs, the name field will be locked with your club name. Adding a transaction prefix will add the prefix to your Bambora reports - useful if you use your Bambora account for other sites.

Your Billing Address: Your club's operating address information. Including all details present on standard club-to-member invoices. This is also the address/billing information that displays in your footer on the public site. Note, the email address in this section will also receive a copy of Uplifter-to-club invoices.

Payment Methods/Payment Method Groups: An organizational tool allowing clubs to create/customize payment types and group them. The full scope of this feature is detailed in our article Payment Methods.

Billing Transaction History


Uplifter Payment Transaction History: A list of Uplifter-to-club invoices along with your account balance at time of issue.


You can configure the tax rate for products, programs and subscriptions on your Uplifter site. Tax settings are found in the Uplifter Settings under Payment Details. The default currency is Canadian Dollars. There is a checkbox to select whether your club charges local taxes on all registrations.

Creating an Applicable Tax

Selecting the  will allow you to add a new tax.

Tax Name: Enter your desired tax name.

Tax Code: The invoice level code to represent this tax (ie. HST, GST).

Tax Rate: The percentage rate of the new tax.

Default Apply To "X": Select "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not this tax will apply, by default, to programs, products, subscriptions, and custom line items.

Taxes on an invoice can not be altered directly on an invoice, only enabled or disabled for each individual item. They appear at the bottom of an invoice.


Global Settings

The Global Settings page is found by navigating to Settings > Global Settings. In order to access the Global Settings page, and all of it's features, you will need the following permissions: Admin, Manage System Settings.

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Look And Feel


Default Page Info/Analytics:

  • Site Title:  The title for your club's site that will appear at the top of a browser's application window and in web searches.
  • Site Description: The short description for your club's site that will appear in web searches.
  • Keywords: The keywords search engines will use to identify your site.
  • Google Analytics ID: Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to track your site's traffic statistics and see info like the number of people who visit the site. See Google Analytics, below.


  • Main Top Navigation Links: Toggle if you would like to display a "Home" link that will take users back to your main Uplifter page. You can also toggle whether or not to allow the system to generate a News or Contact Us page.
  • Footer Contact Details & Links: Choose which contact details and links to display in the footer of the website. This can include a Sitemap of your site and all of its pages as well.
  • Footer Payment Providor Icon: Display your desired payment option icons in your footer. The icons to display can be set via Settings > Uplifter Settings > Merchant Details.
  • External Home URL: If your club/organization has a primary site you can link back to it by adding your desired address here. This will add a link to your main menu for your users.
  • Products, Subscriptions & Volunteer Sign-Up Links: Toggle whether the site should display links to your volunteer positions, products and subscriptions. You can also have the system create a pop-up that suggests non-mandatory subscriptions.
  • Volunteer Commitments Custom Message: Set a standardized message for users who have not met their volunteer requirements.

Terminology: Entering values into the Terminology fields will allow you to dictate how certain words show up on your site (ie. changing "Participants" to show on your site as "Skaters"). The left column is singular and the right is plural. This will alter all versions of this word on your site.

Default Ticket Background: The default ticket background that will be used when creating new products for managing ticket sales.

Learn More

Depending on your desired results there are recommended image sizes for your tickets. These are as follows:
Head - 380px * 340px

HeadOnly-380x340-Example.png  HeadOnly-380x340-Results.png

Head & Body - 380px * 918px

Head_Body-380x918-Example.png  Head_Body-380x918-Results.png

Head, Body & Foot - 380px * 1126px

Head_Body_Foot-380x1126-Example.png  Head_Body_Foot-380x1126-Results.png

Default Tabs: Set the tab that should be loaded by default when navigating to a participant's Achievement page. This also applies when members/participants navigate to one of their participant's Achievement page as well.

Notifications & Messages


Account Creation Settings: Customize messages and settings that pertain to the member account creation process.

  • Account Creation Header Text: Your desired header to the member creation form.
  • Account Creation Sub-Header Text: Your desired text/sub-header on the member creation form.
  • Require Member Birthdate: Set whether a member must enter their birthdates in order to create an account.
  • Disable Signup Address Fields: Disable the requirement for users to enter an address when creating a member account. This is disabled for all sites created after 2019-05-09). Note that this setting cannot be re-enabled.

Cookie Policy: Customize and toggle your site's/organization's cookie policy.

  • Enable Cookie Policy Popup: Enable or disable the visibility of your cookie policy pop-up.
  • Cookie Policy: Set the message show when your cookie policy is shown.

Registration Invoices Messages: Customize messages that appear on the bottom of your emailed registration invoice.

  • Offline Messages: Appear on invoices if a member chose to pay offline when completing registration.
  • Global Messages: Appear on all registration invoices including offline payment invoices.

Checkout Notifications:

  • Disabled: Selecting disabled will deactivate your program checkout notifications.
  • Enabled (Default On): Selecting Enabled (Default On) will turn your notifications on and set the default notification status of your programs to On. This can be toggled on a program-by-program basis.
  • Enabled (Default Off): Selecting Enabled (Default Off) will turn your notifications on and set the default notification status of your programs to Off. This can be toggled on a program-by-program basis.

Note that in order to receive a Checkout Notifications you must match one of the four criteria:

Payment Installment Notifications: Customize messages that will appear at the bottom of the emailed installment payment notices.

  • Approved Payment Installment: Appears on messages if the installment payment was successfully processed. You may want to add a thank-you message.
  • Declined Payment Installment: Appears on email messages if the installment payment was declined. Perhaps the credit card has expired, or has insufficient credit. You could include a message about what the member should do, such as log into their account and add new credit card details to the pending payment.

Overdue Payment: Customize the message that will be emailed to members who have overdue payments, and the frequency that the message is sent. This notification can also be sent manually at any time from the Accounting > Payments page.

  • Overdue Payment Message Interval: Choose how often the notifications is sent out.
  • Overdue Payment Message: Customize the message that is sent to members with overdue payments


  • Waitlist Notification: Check this box to have Uplifter automatically email the top waitlist participant for a program once a spot becomes available. Uplifter will send an email each day during the Waitlist Removal Period (see below) until the member has either registered, removed themselves from the waitlist or has been automatically removed.
  • Waitlist Removal Period: The number of days a participant at the top of the waitlist has to register to a program after a spot becomes available to them. Or, if you have Waitlist Notification enabled (see above), this is the number of days after the initial Waitlist Notification email has been sent out that the participant has to register. After this grace period, the participant will automatically be removed from the waitlist.

Custom Fields


Clubs can create and add custom fields to many elements and forms in order to capture more information. For example, a club may wish to capture any known allergies for a participant or perhaps costume/uniform sizes. They may want to learn more about how members heard about their club, or which song will a participant will be performing to.

Custom Fields can be created in five main categories.

Participant Fields: Fields for information pertaining to participants within your club (i.e. "Allergies?").
Member Fields: Fields for information pertaining to members within your club (i.e. "Trusted individuals for pick-up")
Instructor Fields: Fields for information pertaining to instructors within your club (i.e. "Current certificate").
Invoice Fields: Fields for information not pertaining to anything specific (i.e. "How did you hear about us?").
Invoice Line Fields: Fields for information not pertaining to anything specific but often attached to invoice line items (i.e. "What size uniform?").

Custom fields are a robust and flexible tool to customize your Uplifter site. The full scope of this feature is covered in our article Custom Fields.

Email Addresses


Clubs can add email addresses to be used by the Uplifter system for different purposes. For example, when sending confirmation emails to your club administrators or to be used as the "Reply-To" address when using the Email tool. If you have a custom domain and the ability to add DNS records for your sending domain, you can also specify the "From" address for your emails. Please follow along with our video tutorial to initiate this feature:



When adding or editing an email address, the following settings can be specified:

Email From Name: The name that will be associated with this email by most email clients. This will add authenticity to your outbound communications. ex. "ABC President", "XYZ Accounting".
Reply-To Email Address: The email address in which you with to receive all replies. This is where you should enter your standard email address. ex. "", "".
Sending Email Address: The email address in which your site will send from. This will default to no-reply@{yourclub} until updated. If you own your own domain with custom domain-based emails you can find steps to update your sending address in the video above.
Contact Us Form Description: If enabling the permission "Receives Contact Us" you must also set a Contact Us description. This is what members will see as a drop down option when viewing the Contact Us page. ex. "Registrations Inquiries", "Invoice Inquiries"
Can Send: Enable this permission to allow this email to send via the Uplifter system. By doing so, the email address will be an option to select from during the email creation process.
Receives Contact Us: Enable this permission to set this email address to receive contact us inquiries. If you set this to be enabled you must also set a Contact Us Form Description.
Receives Copy Of Invoices: Enable this permission to set this email address to receive a copy of any processed invoices within the system.
Receives System Notifications: Enable this permission to set this email address to receive a copy of any system notifications.
Receives System Notifications: Enable this permission to set this email address to receive a copy of any system notifications. System notifications are enabled via Settings > Global Settings > Notifications.
Default From Address: Enable this permission to set this email to be the default from address when creating outbound emails through Uplifter. Only one address may have this permission enabled at a time.

Contact Us Form

Clubs can set up a contact form for members and potential members to contact you from on the "Contact Us" page.

To enable this form:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Look and Feel
  2. Select the "Display the Contact Us Page" setting
  3. Click Save

Choose what emails receive messages from this form:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Email Addresses
  2. Add or edit a current email address
  3. Select the "Receives Contact Us" setting
  4. Fill out the "Contact Us Form Description"
  5. Click Save

Once you have that set up you can log out and click the "Contact Us" tab to view your changes. Note: the Contact Us email form will not be visible while logged in as an administrator.

Google Analytics

To add Google Analytics to your Uplifter site, please follow the steps below.


Set Up a Google Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Create an Account button and complete the form using your business email account.

Even if you already have a personal Google account, you may want to set up a second business account specific to your club so this information can be passed to others. To do so, please navigate to Google's account page and select to create a new account using your your business email.


Sign Up for Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to your new Google account and go to
  2. Click Create an Account and complete the form - note that Website Name and Account Name can be the same unless you in intend to run several websites from the same account in which case Account Name will be your company name.


Sign Up for Google Analytics

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account and click Admin
  2. Click the "Tracking Info" menu to expand it and click on "Tracking Code"
  3. Near the top of the page it should say "Tracking ID". It will start with the characters "UA-" and then have a series of numbers follow it like this: UA-########-#
  4. Copy this value to your computer's clipboard (Ctrl+V; Cmd+V)


Add Your Google Tracking Code to Uplifter

  • Log in to your Uplifter club website with Admin credentials
  • Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Look & Feel tab
  • In the Default Page Info / Analytics section, add your tracking ID to the Google Analytics ID field
  • Select Save All at the bottom of the page


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